Message from Minister of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Turkey

Telecommunication; is the main indicator of the economical, political, social and cultural development of a country. The rapid development in the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) are also the main indicators of globalisation.
New developing technologies increase the productivity of economy by creating new working areas, making easy the distribution of information and knowledge and also develop an online real time communication platform between countries and people.
The globalisation of the production of information and communication technologies products creates infinitive alternatives for the producers along a wide geographical area. Caspian Telecoms Conference and Exhibition would be a great chance and a discussion platform for finding out the alternatives and new opportunities in the market. The cooperation between the Caspian region countries would be very important and meaningful. We hope to develop a high technological telecommunication infrastructure at the Caspian region.
Minister of Transport and Communications
Republic of Turkey
Regional countries have to prepare themselves for widening the international projects by giving life to the telecom applications, which are scalable worldwide.
This organization will be a significant opportunity to make business contacts and partnership as well as exchange know-how and cooperation and for the integration of systems in the world network of telecommunications.
Caspian Telecoms Conference and Exhibition is a very important step to develop cooperation at the region.
It is my honour to meet you in such an organization in Turkey. I hereby say welcome to all of the participants and guests and wish every success.