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Bechtel is one of the world’s largest engineering-construction firms. Founded in 1898, we provide premier technical, management, and directly related services to develop, manage, engineer, build, and operate installations for our customers worldwide.
Our 47,000 employees are teamed with customers, partners, and suppliers on 950 projects in 67 countries. In 2001, we booked $9.3 billion in new business and worked off $13.4 billion in revenue.
Continually seeking to innovate and improve, Bechtel is the only major engineering and construction company to use Six Sigma, a problem-solving methodology to identify and eliminate errors in critical processes.
Bechtel is privately owned and in its fourth generation of Bechtel family leadership.

Six Sigma
The company became the only major Engineering and Construction Company to use Six Sigma when it embarked on the process improvement program in November 2000.
Based on a problem-solving methodology that focuses on the measure, analyze, improve, and control phases, Six Sigma provides a framework for identifying and eliminating errors in critical processes. By reducing the variation of processes, Six Sigma allows Bechtel to drive toward 99.99% perfection. Sigma levels—a business metric—measure the performance of a process to an established specification. Each increase in Sigma level results in an increase in efficiency. Six Sigma means 3.4 errors per million measured actions.
The Six Sigma methodology includes a rigorous set of tools designed with one purpose in mind — to produce dramatic enhancements in our work quality, business results, and, customer and employee satisfaction. Six Sigma is the new way of life for doing business at Bechtel.
At Bechtel, Six Sigma has been combined with Performance-Based Leadership, focusing on improving business results through changes in leadership behaviour, to transform the way the company operates; tackle the issues that can hurt performance; and drive us toward our “zero accidents” commitment.
While the company has invested in training 150 black belts (full-time experts on the Six Sigma methodology and tools) and more than 2,500 yellow belts and champions, Six Sigma is not just for these technical experts. It’s a proven methodology available to all employees to make their jobs easier and directly contribute to Bechtel’s bottom line.

In 1998, our organization observed 100 years of building. It’s a legacy that began with W.A. Bechtel’s work grading railroad beds in 1898 and continues to this very moment on hundreds of job sites around the world. Since 1898, four generations of Bechtel have led our privately held business through 20,000 projects in 140 nations on all seven continents. These accomplishments range from the San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) system to pioneering efforts in nuclear power and program management for Hong Kong’s new airport and associated infrastructure. Bechtel people have established an unrivalled reputation for excellence. Our work has improved the quality of life for countless individuals, and demonstrated time and again that the only limits on human achievement are those which we place on ourselves.

Europe, Africa, Middle East, Southwest Asia
Recent achievements include:
In Salah pipeline, Algeria - Constructing 600-kilometer natural gas pipeline in north-central Algeria.
OGD-2 gas development project, Abu Dhabi - Completed $1.3 billion onshore expansion, achieving 34 million work hours without a lost-time accident.
Channel Tunnel Rail Link, United Kingdom - Designing and building high-speed rail line between London and the Channel Tunnel in conjunction with Arup, Halcrow, and Systra.
Offshore islands, Kazakhstan - Teaming with Turkish partner Enka to construct artificial islands in the Caspian Sea for development of Kashagan oil field.
Ghazlan II power plant, Saudi Arabia - Providing engineering, procurement, and construction services for 2,940-megawatt facility near Dammam.
Baku-Tbilsi-Ceyhan pipeline - Engineering system to carry oil 1,765 kilometres from the Caspian Sea to the Mediterranean
Year in review
Performance can be measured many ways, but any way you look at it, Bechtel’s 50,000 employees performed admirably. In 2001, Bechtel booked $9.3 billion in new business and worked off $13.4 billion in revenue.
On 950 projects in 67 countries, Bechtel combined the latest technology, unrivalled management expertise, and more than a century of experience to deliver maximum value to our customers.
Bechtel achieved world-class performance on a vast range of projects, including the World’s largest copper mine in Chile, the AT&T wireless network expansion across the United States, and the high-speed Channel Tunnel Rail Link in England.
The company’s outstanding safety record continued unabated. On Bechtel projects around the world, the number of lost-time injuries declined. In fact, 90 percent of all Bechtel projects finished last year without a lost-time incident.