Address: 117630, Russia, Moscow
Build. 1, 62 Starokaluzhskoye Ave.
Tel: +7 (095) 755 5995
Fax: +7 (095) 974 6388
E-mail: marketing@cbossbilling.com
Web: www.cbossbilling.com

Cboss – innovation-driven developer of comprehensive solutions for the ever-converging telecommunications demands.

Established 1996
Staff 1000+
Clients 80

Among our customers are Mobile TeleSystems (6 200 000 subscribers) from Russia, GEOCELL (150 000 subscribers) from Georgia and others.

Main Product: CBOSS – Convergent Business Operation Support System. CBOSS is a set of packaged software/hardware solutions for the automation of various telecommunication enterprise activities. CBOSS kernel modules include:
Billing (mobile, PSTN, Internet, Interconnect, etc);
Customer registration and contract management;
SIM cards management;
Mediation device;
Inventory control;
Settlement with service providers and dealers;
Scratch-card payment system;
Management Information System etc.

Product line: Prepaid System CBOSSprepaid, IVR CBOSSacc, Short Message System CBOSSsms, USSD System CBOSSussd, Internet Customer Service CBOSSics, Point of Sale CBOSSisp, Voice/Fax Mail System CBOSSvmail, Call Back Center CBOSSssc, Call Distribution System CBOSSacd, Analytical Decision Support System CBOSSdss, Management Information System CBOSSmis, Traffic Engineering System CBOSSte, etc.

Partners: Oracle, Sun Microsystems, Hewlett Packard, Lucent Technologies, AVAYA, Intel, Xerox and others.