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A Leader in Innovative and Pioneering Technology
Today’s information Superhighway is in fact an endless stream of optical fibre cables crisscrossing the globe in an ever expanding cocoon of telecommunications, and ever since the first industrial batch, optical fibre means Corning the word over.
In 1970 Corning turned a new page for human civilization by inventing low-loss optical fibre, another major breakthrough from a tradition of innovation that spans over a century and half. The 1851 founded Corning Incorporated based in Corning, New York, is a global, high-technology company that has been changing the world through research and technological innovation for more than 150 years. By integrating scientific discovery with market need, the company has developed leading positions in the telecommunications, information display, and advanced materials industries. The company is an industry leading manufacturer and supplier of optical fibre, cable systems and photonic components, for the telecommunications industry; and high-performance flat glass for television, information display and other communications industries. The company also develops advanced materials for scientific, semiconductor, environmental and ophthalmic markets. With more than 70 manufacturing locations, Corning employs approximately 23,000 employees worldwide. Its diverse portfolio of businesses is aligned under two major business sectors: Corning Optical Communications and Corning Technologies. Revenues for 2002 were $3.2 billion.

Corning Kablo ve Sistemleri A Word Leader in Turkey...
Leading the telecommunications hardware sector for over 20 years now, Corning Incorporated is made up of a range of companies specialized in different segments of technology. Chief among them is Corning Cable Systems, the world’s top ranking manufacturer and complete solutions provider in the full spectrum of optical fibre cables and passive products designed for optical communications networks. Corning Kablo ve Sistemleri Ltd Sti is the Turkish branch of the global company.
Commanding more than 1.000.000 fibre kilometres annual production capacity at its Gebze Organize Sanayi Bolgesi plant, Corning Kablo ve Sistemleri is the leading manufacturer of optical fibre cables in a region that extends from Europe all the way to Central Asia.
In addition to what it manufactures locally, Corning Kablo ve Sistemleri also markets its parent company’s products to the region, adding up to an impressive “tip-to-tip” telecommunications network product range including optical fibre cables, cable accessories, connectors, splice equipment and terminals.
Drawing upon the Corning legacy for pioneering technology, Corning Kablo ve Sistemleri is the region’s powerhouse in terms of optical cabling networks, offering clients a complete product range, raw materials procurement advantages, efficiency and Total Quality Management in production and service.

Tip-to-Tip, all the way
Public telecommunications infrastructure at the local or national scale; private networks; optical fibre products for Original Equipment Manufacturers...
Manufacturing the most widely deployed aerial and underground cables in its Gebze plant, Corning Kablo ve Sistemleri offers its products as well as the complete international product range of its parent company to wide region centred on Turkey.

Product Range
1. Optical fibre cables for aerial, duct, buried, road, rail, power, sewer and submarine applications
Product Lines: Duct burial, HDPE stranded tube design non-armoured filling or dry core cables • Direct burial, armoured filling or dry core cables • Fire resident cables • Fig. 8. ADSS type aerial cables
Imported products: Starway (OPGW, OPPC, ADSS, AD-Lash™) • Submarine cables (Minisub™) • MCS™ (Micro Cabling Systems)
All cables in the product line are manufactured with Singlemode (SMF 28™), High Data Rate (LEAF™, Metrocor™), SMF 28-e™ or Multimode Corning® fibres on request. Corning employs the OVD (Outside Vapour Deposition) process in fibre production.

2. Fibre optic or copper cables, hardware and accessories including fibre optic connectors, network interface devices, test equipment, splice equipment, cable assemblies
Product Lines: Multimode, Single Mode Indoor and Outdoor type PVC PE or FR cables
Imported Products: Cat. 5, Cat. 6, Cat. 7, UTP, STP, FTP cables • Multimode, single mode tight buffer PE or FR cables • Connectors • Surface mount wall outlets • All other passive optical fibre products • Fusion Splicer (Fibre Splicing Equipment) • OTDR (Optical Time Domain Refloctemeter) • Optical Distribution Frames, wall-mount and rack- • Handheld Test Equipment (Power Meters/Testers) mount-type • Splice Closures for fibre optic and copper cables • Pigtail, patch cord, jumper wire • Optical Splitters, Dispersion Compensation Modules etc.

3. Network services that include network design, project management, installation and maintenance and training programs
Optical fibre and systems training • Measurement and splicing training • On-site engineering service • Supervision • Turn-key cabling services • Turn-key cabling services • Splice Equipment (X60, X77, etc.) post-sales • Link Loss Budget maintenance and repair services in Turkey • System Modelling (Long-haul Metropolitan, Access) with new types of High Data Rate Fibres based on network structure, budget and future expectations

Hi-quality communications on optical fibre
Employing the world leader’s technology to produce hi-end optical fibre products in its plant, Corning Kablo ve Sistemleri brings an equally client oriented service approach to its regional market. Customers are assured of full training and support every step of the way from project planning to design and installation of the cables. Raw materials are carefully chosen and tested to meet customers’ requirements and turned into meticulously manufactured products at our state-of-the-art machinery park. And the company works with top laboratories at home or abroad if optical, chemical, physical or mechanical cable attribute tests are requested.
Investing on to total reliability in production, delivery and technical support, Corning Kablo ve Sistemleri offers the full product range of the world leader Corning Cable Systems together with the individually tailored solutions that your optical fibre network project demands.

1851... “Data to light, light to data” Corning set off the communications revolution in 1970 by inventing the first high-purity low-loss optical fibre.
“Turning on the light...” In late 1870s Thomas Alva Edison needed a specially shaped bulb for his new electric light. Corning designed and developed the first light bulb for Edison.
Pyrex, the TV tube, cellular ceramics, LCD surfaces...
Just a few of the innovations that came out of Corning research labs in the previous century to change daily life forever.
Pioneering technology in telecommunications infrastructure... Corning Kablo ve Sistemleri provides regional markets with hi-end products and solutions in optical fibre cables and accessories.
Corning Kablo ve Sistemleri puts advanced optical communications technology at the service of a vast portion of the Old World that extends from Portugal to Pakistan.
Environmental Management System. Operating on smart resource utilization, energy saving measures, and recycling technologies. Corning Kablo ve Sistemleri is dedicated to environmentally- friendly production.
Precision manufactured. The information Superhighway is paved with the products of Corning’s system quality approach and excellent workmanship.
As optical fibre cable technology develops at the speed of light, Corning Kablo ve Sistemleri helps corporate clients stay in touch with the future of the sector.
In addition to providing standard products, Corning Kablo ve Ssitemleri also manufactures optical fibre cables and accessories to client specified measurements.
For superior customer satisfaction. High performance products and cost effective solutions with an emphasis on absolute quality. Corning Kablo ve Sistemleri Ltd. Sti is certified with ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System and ISO 14000 Environment Management System"