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Founded in 1996, in the Principality of Monaco, Eurasiasat SAM is a joint venture formed by Turk Telekom and Alcatel Space, two major players in their respective domains of competence.
Eurasiasat is currently operating its Eurasiasat-1(Türksat2A) satellite designed on purpose to deliver Direct to Users Applications including DTH-TV, digital TV Bouquets, Broadcasting Multimedia and Internet wholesale services.
Co-located with TURKSAT-1C at 42° orbital position, EURASIASAT-1 has an attractive look angle to provide high-powered coverage with its high-power fixed East and West beams.
The West beam offers competition to established European high power-satellites, while the East beam brings high power to less well-served regions.
In addition to its two fixed beams, EURASIASAT-1 is configured with 2 spot beams, which can be used to provide additional transponder capacity in EURASIASAT’s key target markets or deployed to provide service to other international markets as demand dictates.
Thanks to its digital high quality digital transmission, Eurasiasat-1 will also provide a broad choice of programs with an unrivalled quality of images and services.
Eurasiasat Company is customer oriented, offering a complete engineering support and “One Stop Shopping” services, throughout EurasiaNET, within the satellite coverage which a guarantee for an overall quality.
With high-power transponder capacity and broad footprint, EURASIASAT-1 offers an attractive and unmatched combination to television broadcasters and direct-to-home service providers seeking to tap the growing markets of Turkey, Central and Western Europe and Central Asia.

Eurasiasat SAM is a high bandwidth satellite access service that provides the best of breed quality of service, power and wide coverage over more than 80 countries, 20% of the world population.

The Company provides satellite transmission capacity for

Telecommunication services including
private very small aperture terminal (“VSAT”) networks,
o rural telephony and access to communication networks from remote locations,
Internet services to ISP and corporate: multi-cache, backbone connection, Virtual Private Network, multicast services …
“backhaul” operations: GSM / Data backhauling
Broadcasting services such as
Direct-to-home (“DTH”) television services
Network, cable and radio broadcasting,
Data broadcasting (newspaper…)
Ad-hoc services, such as on-location transmission of special events and live news reports,
Video feeds backhauling

EurasiaNet - Satellite ‘terrestrial-like’ solution for IP Transit

EurasiaNet™ is a high bandwidth satellite access service to Carriers and ISPs that provides the best of breed quality of service, best peering, power and wide coverage. EurasiaNet‰ is a joint dedicated expertise in satellite and Internet.
EurasiaNet™ is a one-stop-shopping solution also applicable as Private International Service, for international interconnection of many local Internet networks of one carrier or ISP.

Shortest time to market
Competitive prices
Independent from any specific Internet carrier
Fast Internet content delivered directly from US and European backbones
Small dishes due to powerful satellite
Widely available in all locations
Service guaranteed through SLA

Internet Transit Connectivity
Internet Services based on cutting-edge technologies, such as BGP4, Secondary DNS, NTP, Mbone, 6Bone, Proxy, …
Large European Teleport in Munich
Space segment in Ku-band
Monitoring, Supervision and Upgrade of the network connectivity
24x7 Customer Support
Technical Assistance for installation
Specific optional services

Provision of earth station support
Provision of recommendation for earth stations
Provision of IP address
Provision of 24x7 customer support
Provision of Internet test before start
Provision of router configuration

East Beam Coverage
EIRP in excess of 52 dBW
in most part of Near/Middle East and Central Asia

EurasiaNet Key Features
Ku-Band fully stable satellite
Typically 1.2m receive only and 1.8m Receive/Transmit within 50dBW contour
Availability 99.5%
Average packet loss < 1%
Latency: Average RTT < 85 ms in Europe;
< 95ms Europe & New-York (depending on selected IP provider)
Simplex, asymmetrical or duplex topologies

Provision and maintenance of local terrestrial line to their end-users and terrestrial network
Provision, installation and maintenance of remote antenna and local router
Provision of end-user support in their country