Fintur Holdings B.V.

Fintur Holdings B.V.
Rivium 1 e Straat 9, NL2909
Capelle aan den Issel
Totterdam, the Netherlands

Fintur Holdings B.V. is one of the leading providers of mobile telecommunications services in the Eurasian emerging markets through its operations in Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Georgia and Moldova.
The total population in the countries where Fintur operates exceeds 31 million and the Company’s network coverage spans over 23 million people.
The Company is the number one GSM operator in Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. As of 31 December 2002, Fintur’s Operating Company in Azerbaijan, Azercell, had 668,598 subscribers and an 85% market share. In Kazakhstan, Kcell, it had 614,512 subscribers and a 73% market share. The Operating Company in Georgia, Geocell, had 198,463 subscribers and a 40% market share and in Moldova the Operating Company, Moldcell, had 132,335 subscribers and a 50% market share. In Fintur’s markets mobile telephony is at an early stage with penetration ranging between 5.7% and 10.0% as of December 2002. As part of its strategy, Fintur intends to maintain and improve its current competitive position in each of its markets and to expand into new markets within the region.
Through its Operating Companies, Fintur provides voice services, international roaming services, and a wide range of value-added services including voicemail, short message system (“SMS”), e-mail, economic and entertainment information services, call forwarding/barring/waiting, fax data, caller identification and dual numbering. In some of its markets, Fintur provides wireless application protocol (“WAP”) services and is planning to introduce high-speed data services and unified messaging.

Shareholding Structure:
The major shareholder of Fintur Holdings B.V. is TeliaSonera with its 58.55% stake. The second shareholder is Turkcell, Turkey’s leading GSM operator.
For Fintur Holdings B.V., having TeliaSonera and Turkcell as shareholder provides enhanced growth potential. It is also certain that the future prospects of companies will also improve as a result of such relationship.

Company’s Vision, Strengths & Strategies
Fintur Holding’s vision is to be the number one player in the Eurasian and surrounding region and be a main growth engine with high profit margins within TeliaSonera’s international operations.
Future plans of the Company includes to ensure profitable growth in the existing operations while promoting mass-market approach in the new markets by establishing strategic partnership to minimize political risks, strengthen financial and regional position, creating synergy in the Group Companies by more effective use of all resources and continuing to broaden the market for mobile services through the timely introduction of new services and tariff structures targeted at a wide subscriber base.