Gantek Technologies ICT Solutions Inc.

Address: Gantek Technologies ICT Solutions Inc.
Alemdag Cad. 46/D 81180 Kisikli – Istanbul / Turkey
Tel: +90 (216) 522 95 00
Fax: +90 (216) 328 41 81
Contact person: Arzu Gokhan

Over the last five years, Gantek Technologies has evolved from a company focusing predominately on hardware products into an experienced ICT solutions service provider with a strong presence in the market. Throughout its fast growth phase, the company enhanced its ICT expertise with sophisticated human resources, to be able to provide ICT consultancy and systems integration services.
In order to realize the huge growth prospects in the Turkish ICT market, five different companies have been founded between 1997 and 2000 as separate entities. Today, all companies are consolidated under “Gantek Technologies” and forces are joined to provide “total customer satisfaction”.
As Gantek Technologies’ strength has increased, it has moved closer to realizing its strategy of becoming a leader in systems integration segment and a prominent ICT solutions provider. Particularly with the synergy created through the merge with a leader software company, namely Intracom, Gantek Technologies' aim is to expand its current range of services and provide more advanced and improved products to its niche markets both in the hardware and software areas and become a global company.
Customer satisfaction and the significant effort of dedicated employees have enabled Gantek Technologies to sustain its growth in a competitive and complex marketplace. Since its establishment in 1987, the company has adhered to its vision by seeking new tools and new ways of meeting the challenges of the technological revolution. In this process, Gantek Technologies has sought to apply the science of ICT creatively and with consideration for performance simplicity and cost efficiency.
The company's target segments include large-scale enterprises in manufacturing, telecommunications, oil and gas, power, finance, media, the public sector, the military, education and health care. Having more than 450 institutional customers, the company offers customers after-sale support services for hardware as well as software products and can provide 24-hour customized maintenance and technical support services seven days a week.
Today, the challenge is to understand the strategic significance of emerging technologies, identify the strategic needs of business and then put in place the appropriate resources and organization structure to ensure that the technology is applied in ways that benefit the business. Since the enterprises might not have the needed resource, knowledge as well as personnel with critical skills, Gantek Technologies aims to emphasize on providing IT outsourcing services to answer those needs.
Gantek Technologies has its headquarters in Istanbul and has increased its activities throughout Turkey as well by expanding its sales operation in Ankara, Izmir, and Bursa with branch offices. It also has local partnerships in Adana, Bursa, Elazig, Diyarbakir, Van, Gaziantep, Trabzon and Northern Cyprus.
Due to the nature of the information systems industry, Gantek Technologies gives special attention to its human resources, recognizing that these underpin its competitive advantage. The company employs 109 qualified professionals who can respond spontaneously and creatively to problems. This is particularly critical for the company as it works primarily with large-scale enterprises. To ensure efficient and effective services and to maintain long-term relationships with customers, Gantek Technologies provides continual training opportunities in Turkey and abroad to employees in mission-critical operations.

Gantek Technologies

Business Lines
Gantek Technologies offers its target market next-generation products, which enable customers to engage in e-commerce, to exchange mission-critical business information through the Intranet, Internet and networks, and to manage their data. Gantek Technologies works on a project basis, analyzing customers’ infrastructure and providing integrated solutions to their hardware and software problems.

IT Solutions

Enterprise Business Solutions:
e-Business Solutions: Oracle, I-planet
ERP Solutions: Oracle
CRM Solutions: Oracle
E-learning Solutions
Security/ PKI/ Smart Card Solutions: Computer Associates
Internet / Mobile Communications and Service Provider Solutions: Openwave, I-planet
Speech Recognition: Nuance (Intracom)
Custom Software Development

Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions:

Backup / Storage and Disaster Recovery: EMC, Veritas
Network and System Management: HP Openview, Micromuse
Hardware Solutions: Sun Microsystems, HP, IBM

Enterprise Services:

Consultancy Services
Technical Support and Maintenance
Web Hosting,
Mail hosting,
Portal solutions,
Audio/Video streaming services
IT Training Solutions:
Sun Solaris™ (ASTC)
Java™ Technology
HP Openview
Internet Applications
E-Commerce Applications (B2B, B2C)
Decision Support Systems
Other Programming Languages
Computer Network Management

Telecommunications Solutions

Wired / Wireless Broadband Access Systems
Point to point R/L Systems
Subscribers Terminal Hardware
Network Design and Implementation
Network Management Systems
Operational Support
Value Added Services Applications

What more…

1) Systems Integration Skills: This is seen as the first layer of value-added services and thanks to the huge experience of Gantek Technologies in this segment, high quality services namely concentrated on the e-integration segment of this area are provided.

2) Professional Services: Gantek Technologies has highly experienced and capable technical consultants who are currently working on several implementation and customization consultancy services. Particularly with the synergy created through the partnership with Intracom Inc., these consultants will be operating on the regional target markets as well. Especially, an activity of taking part in the vendor’s partner consultancy network is in progress for all product sets.

3) Special Projects: Since its establishment, Gantek Technologies has worked as technology enabler for various kinds of companies on several projects. Considerable amount of investment has been made on distance learning projects. An Internet based, synchronized project has been developed for Istanbul-Harran Universities, enabling the students in Diyarbakir to follow the courses given in Istanbul University. Another successful example is the “DIL” Distance Interactive Learning project, developed together with METU School of Foreign Languages and Teknopark. The “Mobynet” project, completed jointly with Cisco, Superonline, TAV and Mikom, is again a special success story, which enabled the wireless internet access in Ataturk Airport.

Gantek Technologies’ activities in the Caspian Region

Gantek Technologies International Operations
Widening its scope and reformulating its business strategy, Gantek Technologies offers "ICT Solutions in Turkey and Eurasia". As part of the new strategy, Gantek started extending its reach to few Eurasian markets. The newly extended solutions, involving both "in-house and acquired solutions" will cover both IT and Telco offerings targeting private and public enterprises in the CIS region.
The strategic partnership with Intracom, a Greek ICT giant with complete solutions and products ranging from IT to various telecom infrastructure applications, is an important asset in supplying customers with end to end solution sets. This partnership not only enables Gantek Technologies to address the business needs of different customer sectors, but also carries the company to the Eurasian region.

Why the Caspian Region
The Caspian market is rich in natural resources and Petrol, but is technologically in-advanced, which is a good opportunity to invest in the region. The technological infrastructure of the Caspian and Central Asian countries are rather under-developed in comparison to Greece and Turkey. The economic growth that started in this region is a proof that the need for telecommunications and information technologies, which is largely a part of telecommunications, will increase. Both the rich petrol resources and the products that could be positioned in different markets are indications that their economies will grow rapidly and they will invest heavily in telecommunications.
Many international companies would consider penetrating into the Caspian Region through Turkey. A good example of this investment politics is Intracom’s attitude. Although Intracom has operations in more than 50 countries, from China to South America, they have investment only in U.S., Hungary and Turkey and this shows Turkey’s importance in entering the region.
Gantek Technologies has business relations with the telecom authorities of Russia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and Kyrgyz Republics. Some projects are pursued in Kazakhstan since ….

What does Gantek Technologies offer
In a complete spectrum, starting from system design, including supply of materials, to implementation, GANTEK provides state-of-the-art systems solutions for its customers’ advanced information and telecommunications requirements together with its strategic partner Intracom.