Telecom Georgia Ltd.

Telecom Georgia - International and Long Distance Telecommunications Company – was established in 1994 as a limited liability company, its majority shareholder being the State of Georgia.
Purposes: to provide telephone services among cities and regions of Georgia, as well as with foreign countries.
The Ministry of Transport and Communications of Georgia - 40%
Long Distance Telecommunication Centre (LDTC)ltd. – 11%
Metromedmia International Telecommunications , Inc. (at the time of establishing Telecom Georgia ltd named International Telcell Inc.) – 30% (USA)
Bulcom-C Ltd. (Cyprus)– 19%
Partners’ Meeting of Telecom Georgia is the Supreme Body of the Company to elect the President and appoint Director General of the Company.
In order to improve the Management of the Company, Telecom Georgia was restructured in January, 2002. As a result of merging several directorates the number of directorates has been reduced.
At the moment there are 6 directorates in the Company:
Information Provision and Analysis
Market share of International operators in Georgia

Telecom Georgia on Telecommunications Markets
According to December 2001 data Telecom Georgia maintains 34,06% of the market, despite market distribution and the creation of competitive environment. Annually it contributes 4-5 mil GEL to the State Budget of Georgia.

Telecom Georgia is a basic transit loop for private and state-owned, as well as cellular telecommunication companies. International outgoing traffic from almost the whole territory of Georgia is passed via Tbilisi exchange of Telecom Georgia.
The Company has direct digital-satellite channels with the leading operators and makes connection to all countries across the globe.
Telecom Georgia owns modern, high technology facilities, such as Signalling 7 system, SDH technology, EWSD –type digital exchange, etc.
Via digital satellite links Telecom Georgia has direct connections with major international operators.

Traffic dynamics of Telecom Georgia

Basic structure of international traffic (incoming, outgoing)

Information-billing system of Telecom Georgia serves:

300 000 subscribers
14 000 organizations
30 telecommunication companies
over 200 000 callings every day
Overall volume of services (traffic provided) rendered by Telecom Georgia made 270 300 780 minutes in the year 2001.To connect the system dial 007 or 98 87 13

Telecom Card
Universal Prepaid Card from Telecom Georgia
Call anywhere in the world with Telecom Cards
To connect the system dial: 8-007, 44 10 07.
Special tariffs apply to phone calls made with Telecom Cards:
For detailed information call: 92 35 14, 98 87 13

Special Service Agreements
In case of pre-payment Telecom Georgia offers 15%discount on telephone tariffs.
To conclude a special agreement you should meet the following conditions:
Your monthly deposit must make at least 200 GEL
You must use code 8-10, 8-10-0 for international and long distance calls.
For additional information, please call: 98 71 91
Subscribers who dial code 8-10 for international calls and 8-10-0 for long-distance calls can:
pay for international and long-distance calls in 3 days after the call is made
payment can be made by installments or on the basis of an agreement the payment can be deferred without disconnecting your telephone
pay via Internet with UFC cards
l follow up your debt through:
telephone number: 98 96 96
web site:
Via Internet you can also view the detailed account of your calls, print it out and make payment in any payment or calling centre of Telecom Georgia, Tbilisi branches of Georgian Post Bank and other commercial banks (Bank Republic, United Georgian Bank, TBC Bank).
In case of claims please apply to 31, Rustaveli Ave (Customer Care Desk #17)

ISDN technology - Integrated Services Digital Network
ISDN Technology makes it possible to establish two concurrent connections over a single telephone line – at the same time you can make phone calls and send/receive data.
Advantages of ISDN:
High speed
With ISDN you enjoy fastest, finest quality, exceptionally reliable and efficient Internet, fax, videophone and videoconferencing.
Additional service forms (call diverting, blocking your phone with your personal code, etc.)
Secure information
Contact numbers: 98 87 13, 007
8-10-001 Access to the World Wide Web
Telecom Georgia provides the Internet service in any region of Georgia.
Our services comprise:
High Speed Connection (56Kbps)
State-of-the-art Technologies
Lowest Tariffs
Contact number: (+995 32) 92 36 62

A brief history and main steps of development

Long Distance Exchange ARM-20
Earth Station (INTELSAT 3590)
International Channels: Analogue via Russia, Digital via SPRINT (USA)
Implementation of EWSD type Exchange in Tbilisi (International and long distance)
Organization of direct satellite digital channels with major international operators - (Italy, Britain, AT&T(USA), Turkey)
Implementation of Long Distance Exchange of EWSD type in Kutaisi.
Connection of ARM-20 zonal and route analogue channels to Tbilisi EWSD Exchange.
ARM-20 disconnection
Implementation of digital channels to Germany and Greece
Connection of West Georgia with Kutaisi Exchange.
Implementation of digital channels to MCI (USA)
Implementation of Tbilisi-Kutaisi Digital Radio Relay Line of SDH technology
Connection of Mobile Carriers and implementation of the roaming for them
Increase of International digital channels in all directions
Software upgrade in Tbilisi and Kutaisi Stations
Implementation of C7 signalling in Tbilisi - Kutaisi route
Organization of C7 signalling in Tbilisi-Kutaisi route
Implementation of digital channels in direction of Turkey via TURKSAT satellite.
Implementation of international connections by means of C7 with BT, AT&T, MCI, Türk Telekom A.Ž.
Implementation of direct analogue channels with Turkmenistan.
Increase of Tbilisi EWSD Exchange own customers capacity
Installation of SMA1 Drop&Insert equipment in Alaverdi-Kutaisi R/R stations
Beginning of implementation of ISDN technology in Georgia.
Upgrade of EWSD exchange in Tbilisi
Installation of Drop & Insert equipment on the existing radio relay line for communication with regions
For the first time in Georgia, introduction of ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) technology
Acquiring its private domain name:
Organize international digital channels with Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Germany via fibre-optic cable
Continue construction of radio relay line Kutaisi-Senaki-Poti;
Organize card system and HCD service.
Organize international digital channels with Ukraine and Belorus via fibre-optic cable