Message from the President of the Telecommunications Authority of the Republic of Turkey

On behalf of Telecommunications Authority of the Republic of Turkey, I am delighted to welcome all participants to the 2nd Caspian Telecommunications Summit and Exhibition 2003 taking place on the dates of 14-16 April 2003 in Istanbul where is the cradle of civilizations over the history and cultural bridge between Asia and Europe as well as a “bridge of telecommunications” of recent years.
As we are all well aware, the world is in the midst of a global information revolution driven by the convergence and proliferation of telecommunications and information technologies shaping the information society of the new millennium. For the new communications technologies, the major danger is that the access to the telecommunication technologies would be reserved only to certain countries or circles, the others being separated from the Information Society and its tremendous potential of development. It is my sincere belief that this kind of organizations will be helpful in developing common vision and understanding of the Information Society among participants and to create new ways for the countries in the same region to share their knowledge with the others. Moreover, I believe that Caspian Telecoms 2003 will provide great contribution to the enhancement of cooperation among the countries in the same region in the field of telecommunications with the special efforts of all the participants including public and private institutions, companies, investors etc.
Assoc. Prof.
President of the Authority
Chairman of the Board
Being determined in following rapid developments in the World, Turkey has gained great success in telecommunications sector since 1980s. On that parallel, over the last 10 years, Turkey has made great progress on the way to liberalise its telecommunications market. It has also made great investment to modernize its telecommunications infrastructure. As a result of this huge investment, Turkey has been able to provide many telecommunication services to its outermost regions.
Recent structural changes noted in the global telecommunication market have also affected Turkey and some important changes have been made in the last years. With the amending law no 4502, policy making, regulatory and operational functions in the telecommunication sector have been separated. Telecommunications Authority has been established as the independent sector specific regulatory authority with administrative and financial autonomy. Following its establishment, the Authority put many regulations into effect and will continue to do in the upcoming days.
As the President of the regulatory authority of the hosting country, I am delighted to give our support for the conference and thank to all staff involved in organizing this useful event. Last but not the least I wish the participants every success at Caspian Telecoms 2003 and have an enjoyable stay in Istanbul.