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Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd. (NASDAQ: GILTF) is a global leader in satellite networking technology. With its global subsidiaries, the Company develops, manufactures, deploys and operates communications networks based on its proprietary Very Small Aperture Terminal, or VSAT, technology. With more than 400,000 VSAT units shipped worldwide to more than 80 countries on six continents, the company provides satellite-based, enterprise networking and rural telephony solutions, and markets interactive broadband data sercices to residential and small office/home office (SOHO) customers.
The Company’s networks feature a small satellite dish and sophisticated networking electronics and software and are used by large enterprises, telephone companies, Internet service providers and governments to provide a communications infrastructure which is independent of fixed land lines. Gilat’s technology provides reliable end-to-end VSAT satellite connectivity to the world, creating the ability to connect where alternatives are too costly, limited, or non-existent.
Gilat is a joint venture partner in SATLYNX (, a provider of two-way satellite broadband services in Europe, with SES Global.
Gilat’s VSAT networks and advanced technology are changing the face of:
Enterprise networking for data, video and audio applications that ranges from credit card authorization, on-line banking and corporate intranet to interactive distance learning, nationwide, or worldwide.
Bundled telephony & Internet solutions that converge voice and always-on Internet access for government and public telephony operators, rural public call offices (PCO), and remote businesses and provide fax and Internet connections that bridge the digital divide.
Internet access and broadband IP, with high-speed, always-on interactive connectivity for Internet-based unicast, multicast and interactive content delivery applications anytime, anywhere.

Products and services by VSAT Market Segment

Enterprise Networking

Skystar Advantage® is an IP-optimized VSAT product designed for data, video and audio applications. It provides a platform for interactive, transaction-oriented applications at speeds of up to 8 Mbps outbound (from hub to VSAT) and 153 kbps inbound (from VSAT to hub). It enables reliable and cost-effective interactive communications between a central hub and several hundred to several thousand geographically dispersed sites.
Applications include: Retail credit authorization; store polling; inventory management; corporate intranet; automatic teller machines (ATMs); lottery; telemetry for oil & gas applications; online remote stock exchange trading for brokers; distance learning and enterprise-wide Internet access.
Skystar 360E ™ is Gilat’s latest VSAT product. Designed for enterprises, it enables two-way interactive broadband IP and multicasting applications. With DVB standards and extensive IP capabilities, the Skystar 360E allows for high levels of interaction, feedback and access to resources, throughout the enterprise. The high-speed IP platform, delivering scaleable bit rates of 2-52.5 Mbps to the VSAT and 0.5 Mbps for the satellite return channel, is ideal for SOHO, SME, shared hub operators and large corporations.


DialAw@y IP™ VSAT delivers up to 6 telephone lines, plus always-on Internet access, to subscribers in remote locations. It is a low-cost solution for the fulfillment of Universal Service/Access Obligations, Public Call Offices and payphones – as well as Small Office/Home Office (SOHO) requirements for bundled telephony and Internet access. It features toll-quality, full-duplex voice transmission simultaneously with two-way high-speed Internet access. Ultra-low power consumption (less than 25W) enables the units to operate in remote locations that have minimal or no electricity, by incorporating solar energy or power generators.
FaraWay™ VSAT offers a multi-channel voice and high-rate data communications infrastructure for public, corporate and government applications in underserved areas or widely dispersed organizations. It employs a full-mesh DAMA network architecture, maximizing usage of space segment. Employing toll-quality voice compression at rates of 16 or 8 kbps, it provides robust telephony backbone for remote communities and bundled high rate data and high quality telephony services for corporate networks.


SkyBlaster 360™ *VSAT is a two-way, IP-optimized satellite networking solution designed for Internet access networks. It combines industry-standard Digital Video Broadcast (DVB) technology with Gilat’s inbound satellite access technology to provide high-performance, cost-effective, interactive connectivity for a wide array of Internet-based unicast, multicast and interactive content delivery applications. SkyBlaster offers desktop-oriented communications solutions for consumer and public networks, delivering scaleable throughput of up to 2-52.5 Mbps downstream and 153 kbps for the satellite return channel. The newest product from the SkyBlaster family is the consumer satellite modem- the SkyBlaster 360.
(*SkyBlaster is marketed in the United States by StarBand Communications Inc. under its own brand name.)

Enterprise Networking

Skystar Advantage
TEFER Project in Turkey
Last year, Gilat was selected by a Turkish government agency to provide a 356-site satellite communications network for use by the Turkey Emergency Flood and Earthquake Recovery Project (TEFER).
Gilat is providing a Skystar Advantage central satellite hub system to Turkey’s General Directorate of State Meteorological Works (DMI) and another hub system to the Directorate of State Hydrological Works (DSI). The VSAT terminals are expected to be used by both agencies to increase communications efficiency between meteorological radar systems, Automated Weather Observation Systems (AWOS), hydrological stations and airport meteorological stations.

Gilat in Central Asia
Gilat is present in Kazakhstan since 1998. Ten hub stations and almost 2000 VSATs have been installed during this time in this vast country. Gilat equipment FaraWay, DialAw@y IP and Skystar Advantage is used for countrywide telephony and data networks of the following companies and organizations: KazakhTelecom, Intergas Central Asia, KazTransOil, KazTransCom, Astel, Katelco, Inkatel, the Ministry of Finance, customs offices, TemirZholy, KazPost, banks and other. In 2000 Gilat opened a Representative Office in Almaty, responsible for Central Asia, Caucasus, Mongolia, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Among many services, this office provides technical support to the customers.
In Tajikistan Gilat has installed a FaraWay network. For this mountainous country VSATs of Gilat were an ideal solution for rural telephony. In a short period many towns and villages were given reliable telephone and data channels.
In Mongolia there are two satellite communications networks built with Gilat VSATs. Civil Aviation Authority of Mongolia employs FaraWay technology in the complex air navigation system of this country. All airplanes which fly over this large country receive air navigation and weather data with the assistance of Gilat FaraWay network. Incomnet LLC has implemented DialAw@y IP network, used for building private network for a bank and an ISP. They also provide telephony and Internet access in remote areas and tourist camps.

Offices Overseas
Gilat employs more than 950 people worldwide, with some 20 offices scattered around the globe. Spacenet, headquartered in Mclean, Virginia (USA), handles the company’s North American activities. Gilat Latin America, headquartered in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, (with regional offices in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and Peru) works with rStar (, a public company under 85% Gilat ownership, handling broadband and telephony activities in Latin America. While much of the Company’s European activities come under the context of the Satlynx partnership, Gilat maintains offices in France, the Netherlands and Sweden. In addition, the company has regional offices in: Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Russia, South Africa, Thailand and the Philippines.