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Adapting technology to human needs
Founded in 1977, INTRACOM is the largest provider of telecommunications systems, information systems and defence electronic systems in Greece. The 1990 listing on the Athens Stock Exchange allowed the company to accelerate growth and secure a strategic position within the South & Eastern European and Middle East markets. In cooperation with its subsidiaries and affiliates, the company provides products and services to the Greek public and private sectors, while developing a significant international presence in more than 50 markets worldwide.
INTRACOM engineers innovative products, manufactures equipment, develops advanced information systems, integrates efficient solutions, deploys skilled engineering resources and professional services, offers turn-key project implementation and renders technical support services in the fields of Telecommunications, Information Technology and Defence Electronics.
In the Telecommunications field, INTRACOM engages in the development and production of a wide range of advanced products, the supply of integrated design and support services and the implementation of complex turn-key projects in the following areas:
Public Telecommunication Networks (Fixed and Mobile)
Public Payphone and Smart Card Systems
Telecommunication Systems Software
Integrated Business Networks
Operations Support Systems
Digital Satellite Applications
Intelligent Terminals and Telematics Systems
Internet Systems and Applications
In the Information Technology field, INTRACOM is engaged in the implementation of complex large-scale integrated projects, offering software products, as well as integrated solutions and services in the areas of:
Banking and Finance
Public Administration and Government
Telecommunications Organizations
Energy and Utilities Companies
Travel and Tourism

In the Greek market, INTRACOM is the main telecommunications hardware and software supplier of the Greek Telecommunications Organization (OTE). The company supplies also mobile network equipment and software systems to COSMOTE and VODAFONE and IP network equipment to OTEnet, as well as telecommunication and information systems to small, medium and large public and private companies.
Additionally, the company's client list includes state organizations, public utilities, EU authorities, banking, financial and insurance institutions, international organizations, travel agencies and hotel operators.

Internationally, INTRACOM is a major hardware and software supplier for established Telecommunication Organizations, such as ROMTELECOM and COSMOROM in Romania, MOLDTELECOM in Moldova, GLOBUL in Bulgaria, ARMENTEL in Armenia and TELEKOM SERBIA in Serbia and Montenegro. Additionally, by establishing joint ventures and subsidiaries, INTRACOM has strengthened its presence in Turkey, Albania, Russia, Cyprus, the USA and the Middle East, and has entered the markets of Finland, Norway, Ireland, Slovakia, Serbia, Lithuania, Yemen, Pakistan, Indonesia, UAE, Senegal and Mexico. Aiming to sustain constant growth and promote its products internationally, INTRACOM is expanding its presence in the developing markets of China and Latin America, which offer substantial investment opportunities. At present, the company's products are sold in over 50 countries.

Investing systematically in R&D, INTRACOM has established advanced research facilities for new product development and participates in numerous European high-tech research programs.
It is the first Greek company to be certified under the ISO 9001, AQAP 110 and AQAP 150 international standards, as well as the new ISO 9001:2000 standard. The company has also been certified under the ISO 14001 (Environmental Management), OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety) and SA 8000 (Social Accountability) international standards.
The company's impressive growth has led to a considerable enhancement of its human resources. Specifically, during the 1997-2001 periods, INTRACOM doubled its workforce, creating 1,600 new highly specialized positions (in engineering, computer science, etc.), expanding the national employment base and augmenting the country's "intellectual capital".
INTRACOM employs approx. 4,000 highly qualified professionals, while the INTRACOM Group has a total work force of approx. 7,000.
With the addition of 13,000 square meters in two new buildings, to meet increased office space requirements after the merger with INTRASOFT, as well as 8,000 square meters of additional warehouse space, the company's facilities currently cover a total area of over 90,000 square meters.

The Intracom-Intrasoft (the leading company in Information Technology in Greece) merger, that was agreed upon towards the end of 2001, is a response to the challenge of globalization, creating a new and powerful enterprise able to persevere within an increasingly competitive international business environment. Moreover, considerable benefits in terms of operations will accrue to the new company, given the complementary nature of the merging businesses. The new entity that resulted from the merger is the largest Telecommunications and IT Company in South-eastern and Central Europe, the Middle East and Northern Africa, with an annual turnover projected to exceed 1 billion EUR by the end of 2003.

INTRACOM sales during the 1998-2002 periods came to 2,975 million EUR and are expected to reach 4,600 million EUR in the 2003-2007 periods. At the same time, 1998-2002 exports amounted to 1,120 million EUR. The company’s objective is to boost exports to 2,200 million EUR in the next five years.

The INTRACOM Group is comprised of a network of autonomous companies specializing in the design and implementation of integrated telecom projects, the development of application software and integration of large data networks, the manufacture of steel structures and electromechanical equipment for fixed and mobile telephony networks, energy systems and airport infrastructure, as well as in integrated wagering systems and training services.