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Open Joint Stock Company "Kazakhtelecom" is a national communication operator of Kazakhstan, one of the most dynamic telcos in post-soviet territory providing the full range of telecommunication services. Headquarter of the Company is located in the capital of Kazakhstan - the City of Astana.
Kazakhstan is an employer for more than 30 thousand employees. Kazakhtelecom has its regional divisions in each oblast of the country ensuring provision of communication services for every citizen throughout the Republic of Kazakhstan.
After Kazakhstan became an independent state and started transition to market-based economy, on the basis of telecommunication enterprises and organisations of the Ministry of Communication of the Republic of Kazakhstan the National Joint Stock Company Kazakhtelecom was established in 1994. On February 20, 1997 the Company was reregistered as Open Joint Stock Company Kazakhtelecom.
The Company holds the General License No.1 in the field of telecommunications of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The License grants Kazakhtelecom the exclusive right to create, construct, install, operate and maintain the Public Telecommunications Network of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Kazakhtelecom is the sole operator of the Republic providing rural communication services. The Company has the exclusive right for provision of international and long-distance communication services.
The Company serves more than 1.6 million urban telephone subscribers and 329 thous. rural subscribers of telephone communication services. The telephone density per 100 urban inhabitants is 19 and in rural areas this index comes to 5.
As an international operator Kazakhtelecom established close co-operation with 154 foreign telecommunications companies and 17 operators in the CIS and Baltic States providing communication with more than 230 countries of the world.
The Company' shares are included into the Official List of the Kazakhstan Stock Exchange and the Program of Sale of the government "blue chips" stocks.
International rating agencies Standard & Poor's and Fitch assigned OJSC Kazakhtelecom its double-'B'-minus long-term local and foreign currency corporate credit ratings, rating outlook of the Company is evaluated as stable. These ratings are in the same as an independent rating of the republic.
Kazakhtelecom is successfully implementing the large-scale Program of Telecommunication Network Modernisation and Development focusing on service quality and general availability.
Modernisation program implies creation of the National Intelligence Superhighway by 2005 and completion of construction of the National Data Network. The Company will also proceed with modernisation and development of local telephone network for satisfaction of population and business customers' needs in communications services. Creation of the National Satellite Network will allow providing population of difficult of access and sparsely populated regions of Kazakhstan with the most advanced telecommunication services.
Modernisation of the national information infrastructure ensures introduction of new technologies and formation of the regional information and telecommunication services market, creates uniform information environment and strengthens Kazakhstan positions in the international telecommunication market as a major transit centre of Central Asia region.

Business Connections
OOJSC Kazakhtelecom established broad business collaboration in the field of international telecommunication services provision. Today Kazakhtelecom cooperates with 154 foreign operators and 17 operators from the CIS and Baltic States. Such major global telecommunication service providers as MCI/ USA, Deutsche Telekom/ Germany, British Telecom/ UK, AT&T/ USA, France Telecom/ France, KDD/ Japan, China Telecom/ China, ROSTELECOM/ Russia are partners of the Company. Kazakhtelecom provides direct access to networks of all world countries thus providing round-the-clock connectivity for international calls and transfer of telex and telegraph messages.
By commissioning of TAE digital cable system that connects Shanghai (China) and Frankfurt-am-Main (Germany) Kazakhtelecom arranged direct routes via high-quality links with such countries as Uzbekistan, China, Turkmenistan, Iran and Turkey.
Completion of construction of the National Information Superhighway' Western branch is a significant stage for formation of new telecommunication infrastructure of the Republic of Kazakhstan. As a result the shortest telecommunication link from Europe to China, Japan and Southeast Asia was established.
Interconnection of digital telecommunication network of Kazakhstan with digital network of Russia is an important step towards development of international relations. It makes possible to improve the quality and extend the range of services provided between Russia and Kazakhstan.
Close cooperation of OJSC Kazakhtelecom with international telecommunication corporations and development of own infrastructure resulted in gaining strong positions in the global telecommunication market.
The list of major business partners of OJSC Kazakhtelecom:
Gilat Satellite Network Ltd
Sumitomo corporations
Daewoo Telecom
ECI Telecom Ltd.
Lucent Technologies
Huawei Technologies
Telenor AS
NERA Network AS
Cables & Wireless
EC Datacom
Comverse Infosys Ltd
Wandel & Golterman
Sun Microsystems
Mercury Corporation

Major Projects
Kazakhtelecom proceeds with active modernisation and development of telecommunications network of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Such modernisation evolvs all levels and components of the national telecommunication network.

National Information Superhighway
From December 1997 the Southern segment of TAE Kazakhstan section (Khorgos-Almaty-Shymkent-Tashkent) was commissioned. In 1998 construction of the Northern fibre optic line was finished in the section of Petropavlovsk-Kormilovka (Russia). Digital microwave line Almaty-Karaganda with 1,140 km length has been constructed thus creating digital gateway to Russia by radial branch Almaty-Astana-Petropavlovsk-Russia which allows transit of channels from Central Asia to Russia at new quality level.
Commissioning of the Western branch of the National Information Superhighway (NIS) in 2001 became a significant event within the program of telecommunications network modernisation and development. Total length of FOCL, routing via Shymkent-Kzyl Orda-Aktobe-Atyrau-Russia' border, is 2,473 km. Bandwidth is 16 STM-1 transit circuits, capacity - 30,240 channels. Completion of construction of the Western branch of the national highway is recognised as an important stage for formation of the advanced telecommunication infrastructure of the Republic of Kazakhstan. It resulted in establishment of the shortest telecommunication link from Europe to China, Japan and Southeast Asia.
For the purpose of further realisation of the National Information Superhighway project the Company will construct the Eastern branch (Taldykorgan-Ust Kamenogorsk-Semipalatinsk-Pavlodar-Astana), Radial branch (Almaty-Karaganda-Astana), FOCL Aktobe-Uralsk-Atyrau and FOCL Astana-Kostanai-Aktobe that ensures establishment of Kazakhstan as a major transit centre in Central Asia region.
Construction of the National Information Superhighway will stimulate development of telecommunication market in the Republic of Kazakhstan based on provision of high-quality digital communication channels and transport media via highways, to operators of all levels. It will also contribute to technological acceleration and creation of technical foundation for realisation of long-term competitive advantages of the country for international transit of information.
Digitalisation of long-distance, international switching network and local networks
Length of telephone channels of international, long-distance and zone networks is 244.4 mln. km. of which 82% are comprised of digital transmission systems.
By now all 18 Automatic Toll Exchanges are digital ones. In the network two International Switching Centres are installed. SDH rings are constructed for intracity transport media in 11 oblast centres of Kazakhstan that increased the quality of interstation links in urban telephone network and allowed to arrange transmission of all types of information including data and video and provide other multimedia services.
2,858 exchanges are operated in the local network with their total installed capacity of 2.4 mln. numbers of which 38% are digital ones. All previously deactivated rural exchanges are reconstructed. Telephone density comes to13.3.
Works for arrangement of multiservice subscriber access are commenced, and 4 boxes with capacity of 1,536 numbers are installed in the city of Almaty.
The Company carries out active expansion of smart-cards universal payphones network. As of the beginning of 2002 universal payphones network was comprised of 4,650 units.

National satellite network
National Satellite Network is being developed to ensure provision of telecommunication services to remote and difficult of access regions of the Republic. This network is designed for exchange by voice signals at channel rate of 8 kbps. Today 229 DAMA stations are operated in the network, of which 194 in remote areas.

National Data Network Construction of the national data network is completed in all oblast centres and major cities of Kazakhstan. Total capacity of channels is 70 Mbps. National Data Network allows using the Internet-services and is a basis for convergence of telecommunication and information services.
To satisfy growing needs of population in access to global information resources the Internet Data Centres (IDCs) for 10 thous. users, the first ones in the Central Asia, have been commissioned in Astana and Pavlodar. IDC is a complex of computer and network equipment and software, and allows one-stop shopping of all the Internet-related services.
The Company is focusing on extension of the range of services provided and customer servicing at appropriate level. For full satisfaction of needs of businesses Jrun digital telephone network is being developed specialising at provision of services of local, long-distance and international digital telephone communication. Kulan satellite business network is a satellite telecommunication network designed for provision of telephony and data services for corporate clients.
This year a new project "Intelligent network" was launched. The project allows offering value-added telecommunication services. Within the frameworks of the project the service of Tarlan prepaid telephone card is provided to customers.
Successful realisation of that and many other projects, as well as innovation activity, will allow OJSC Kazakhtelecom to effectively develop infotelecommunication infrastructure of the state to accelerate integration of the Republic of Kazakhstan into the global information society.