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KoçSistem was established on February 1, 1945, under the name of Koç Trade Office Materials Inc., as the representative of a U.S.A. based company, Burroughs.
The newly founded company received its first orders from the Turkish Agricultural Bank, the Turkish Trade Bank, Turkish Telecom and Turkish State Railways in 1953. It also served its customers first programming services by programming mechanical and electro-mechanical accounting machines imported from Burroughs in the same years. To meet the expectations of market, Koç Trade Office Materials Inc. became an independent company and was named Koç-Burroughs in 1962. After the uniting of Burroughs with Sperry in 1986 and with their direction of trade name modification as being Unisys (United Information Systems), the name Koç Burroughs was renewed to become Koç-Unisys in 1987. Since Koç Unisys became one of the largest companies in the Turkish IT sector and acquired a variety of vendors and new products with different brands, the name of the company was changed once more in 1997, to become KoçSistem in order to cover the variety of brands, products and the vision of system projects. With one hundred percent Turkish investment capital, KoçSistem is now the largest company in the Koç Information Technologies Group, one of the Koç Group’s strategical business units.As a company with the aim of constantly adding value to its clients, KoçSistem has become the largest systems integrator in the Turkish Information Technologies Market. Whilst becoming the lead player, KoçSistem has also contributed greatly to the development of the market and is currently regarded an opinion leader. Aiming to increase its clients’ productivity, KoçSistem is known for keeping track of the needs of the market very closely and adjusting to those needs with rapid responses, thus experiencing organizational changes when necessary. In accordance with these needs, KoçSistem’s current organization consists of three main groups: Service Groups, Sector Sales Groups and Product Management Groups. The Services Group is one of the fundamental elements in KoçSistem’s value adding solutions. Consisting of eight sub-groups that are, Field Services, Software Development, Professional Services, Services Marketing, Hosting Services, Software Application, Business Consultancy and Project Management. The Services Group works to increase the efficiency of its clients by enabling them to focus on their own core competency. With the perspective of client focused service, KoçSistem has gathered its services under 3 major brands:

With the wide service network throughout Turkey and expert personnel, MaximUS includes hardware, software, application and database support services.

Includes KoçSistem's outsource and operating services; application hosting, application operating and application service providing, helpdesk, call centre, and development of software according to client's needs.

Includes Professional Services such as Management Consultancy; system performance analysis and health-check, security consultancy, smart cards, communication network, system and database management, cluster system design and application; Project Management services in large scaled projects requiring infrastructure and system installation, and management of several contractors. Application Consultancy Services which cover areas concerning development and renovation of corporate applications such as SAP according to client needs are positioned under the PrimUS brand.
By combining value added solutions such as outsourcing, disaster recovery, business continuity with services under PrimUS, OptimUS, and PrimUS brands KoçSistem provides specialized solutions to clients.
The sector based approach in sales has given KoçSistem the ability to better asses client needs. With sales groups specialized in the finance, industry and trade, telecommunications and public sectors, KoçSistem is now able to offer its services and products in one hundred percent accordance with each sectors needs. As the sales groups are focused on their specialized field of sectors, the services they provide are much more innovative and accurate. The Product Management Group is a business unit working together with sector sales groups in the sales process. Executing relations with business partners and pre-sales technical support for projects are among the duties of the Product Management Group. This group consists of seven different product groups each including experts specialized and certified in their own areas. The six product groups are as follows: Network Products, HP/Compaq, Call Center Products, Sun, EMC and Microsoft.
With the above groups and its strategic partners that are Avaya, Beko, Cisco, Compaq, EMC, Enterasys, HP, Microsoft, Nortel Networks, Oracle, Sun Microsystems and Unisys, KoçSistem has maintained its position as the market leader for 52 years and intends to continue contributing to the development of the market, adding value to its clients and being an opinion leader in the Turkish Information Technologies Sector in years to come.