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Contact person: Mariana Grozeva / Vice President EMEA Region EE/Russia/CA
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Nera is a world-class provider of wireless products and solutions facilitating access to fast and competitive data, Internet, multimedia, voice and mobile communications.
The company’s expertise lies in the areas of transmission networks, wireless broadband access and mobile satellite communications. Nera’s advanced wireless technology offers a clear advantage in terms of efficiency which future equipment will only continue to enhance with even greater bandwidth and ever-increasing user friendliness. Nera can supply wireless communication solutions to fulfil a whole range of needs. Broadly, these fall into two categories; terrestrial networks and satellite solutions. In both, our individual systems can be small scale, or truly multi-national. And in both, Nera can supply networks for the demanding new world of broadband wireless.
Nera has more than 50 years of experience in wireless communications and provides tailor-made solutions for terrestrial networks worldwide. Nera has the capability to commission stand alone wireless solutions in areas where cable cannot reach. And such solutions can be installed quickly. The specific benefits are considerable. There is an extensive range of Nera microwave radio products that form the basis of solutions for trunk, mobile and fixed access broadband networks. All are compatible with the latest transport standards, like SDH, ATM and IP.

Trunk networking
Nera InterLink: Nera InterLink is the latest generation, long-distance radio relay product from Nera. It is the ideal network solution for a number of applications - as an alternative to fibre cable in the backbone network in private regional or national networks, in broadcast networks, as a cellular switching interconnect and for redundancy links.

Mobile networking
Nera CityLink: Nera CityLink represents a significant development in SDH radio link design for mobile networks, providing an extremely flexible family of compact, cost-effective, high-capacity units. Nera CityLink offers modulation schemes that are user configurable with a choice of capacity and bandwidth. The system is also easily upgraded to cope with future demands. Nera CompactLink is the Nera PDH microwave radio solution for low and medium capacity transmission networks. Nera CityLink and Nera CompactLink both have their own individual outdoor units which work with all their respective indoor unit variants. This prevents the need to replace outdoor equipment when upgrading either system.

Access networking
Nera NetLink: Nera NetLink is an advanced fixed wireless access system optimised for data and voice applications. This PMP solution offers customers high speed Internet access and is ideal for small business to SOHO and purely residential applications.
Nera CityLink Fast Ethernet: Nera CityLink Fast Ethernet is the perfect choice for wireless interconnection of PMP base stations. It can also provide high-end broadband wireless access for larger enterprises and public institutions.

Nera Terrestrial Solutions
Whether you want to establish a new transmission network or add greater capacity to an existing one, Nera will give you the best of both worlds to achieve your goals faster and more economically.
Although wireless solutions can provide all the capacity you need at greater speed, lower cost and far easier installation than fixed networks, Nera meet demand by combining wireless products with existing fibre or cable networks.
This ability to complement existing networks gives our customers ultimate flexibility and secures their requirement for high capacity private transmission networks.

Broadband Access Solutions
Behind each of Nera’s terrestrial wireless broadband solutions is the company’s unique expertise and experience in point-to-point (PTP) and point-to-multipoint (PMP) radio links.
PTP radio is the ideal solution for large enterprises (or large multi-dwelling buildings) requiring dedicated high capacity connections. PMP is the most cost-effective answer for small and medium enterprises, small office, home office (SOHO), and residential consumers.
Nera Saturn Bm: For years, Nera Saturn Bm has been relied upon by more merchant vessels than any other maritime communication system. And today it continues to provide a full range of digital bi-directional services including; telephone, telex, fax and data, along with broadcast facilities such as electronic chart corrections and distress signalling.
Nera WorldPhone Marine: For smaller coastal craft and yachts, the Nera WorldPhone Marine has become the favoured choice.
Nera F77 – like an office at sea: With Nera F77, ships at sea will have at their command the communications tools associated with everyday business on land. That’s because the Nera F77 terminal uses the world’s first global maritime Mobile Packet Data Service (MPDS). This gives a ship online access to a whole range of applications like the Internet and e-mail. The beauty is that this service can be ‘always on’. Because you only pay for the data transmitted, not for the time connected, you can choose to be permanently online. Fleet management will now have a more efficient ship/shore logistics system available to them 24 hours a day. Internet and e-mail communications within reach of coastal leisure craft as well as professionals.
Nera WorldCommunicator: The Nera WorldCommunicator is a hand-luggage size unit which gives customers the freedom to communicate anywhere in the world. No other wireless system can match the Nera WorldCommunicator for versatility, speed and coverage. Users can access the Internet, send and receive e-mail, large data files, video and still pictures, fax and voice. It has become the essential link and a compelling competitive advantage for remote oil and gas exploration, mining,

The key connections
Nera SatCom technology offers solutions in three prime areas – maritime, land-mobile and gateway/land-earth stations. All are covered exclusively through Inmarsat - the dominant global satellite system. Nera offers global solutions to an extraordinary range of users. These include, amongst others, ship owners and operators, journalists and broadcasters, rescue and aid workers, land transport fleet operators, oil and gas exploration engineers, government agencies, peacekeeping forces... and many more. Construction, aid and rescue organisations and journalism, as well as a vital back-up to land line communications in banks and airports.
Nera has supplied more Access Control and Signalling Equipment (ACSE) to users of Inmarsat and-earth stations than any other provider in the world. A major share in this global market underpins continuing Nera product development aimed at making satellite gateways increasingly easy and inexpensive to install.
Nera is in the forefront of offering interactive, broadband solutions via satellite. Based on the DVB-RCS (Digital Video Broadcast – Return Channel System) standard, they provide global broadband access and top performance for broadcasting (including interactive TV) and multi-casting applications.
It is now recognised as a major global manufacturer and supplier with highly regarded international project expertise. And over the years Nera has developed its service network to match.