Oscilloquartz SA

Rue des Brévards 16
CH-2002 Neuchâtel
Tel: +41 32 722 55 55
Fax: +41 32 722 55 56
Web site : www.oscilloquartz.com

A Swiss based company within the Swatch group, has established itself over the 54 years of its existence as a foremost quartz crystal oscillator manufacturer and as a leading supplier of synchronization equipments and services for modern fixed and mobile Telecommunications networks.
Out of its comprehensive synchronization portfolio Oscilloquartz provides Cesium Primary Reference Clocks, GPS Receiver Stand-Alone Clocks for mobile networks applications, BVA/Rubidium based Sync Regeneration Clocks and Synchronization Distribution Units. The whole range of products can be remotely managed with a state of the art management platform named SyncView™. In addition to a full portfolio of Synchronization products, measurement instruments a full range of services related to synchronization, including audits and planning are also offered. Oscilloquartz is present with operating installations worldwide in more than 90 countries.

Among its most comprehensive portfolio for telecom networks on the market today, Oscilloquartz offer the high accuracy Cesium based OSA 6500B PRC, and it’s GPS based OSA 5581C GPS receiver as complete primary reference source with feature characteristics exceeding the most stringent international standards. Additionally, the Synchronisation Supply Unit OSA 5548B is ideal for core Transit and Local nodes. For lower network levels or output expansion Oscilloquartz provides a choice of two versions of distribution units, the OSA 5530B and the OSA 5533C. For mobile application, in addition to the highly acclaimed fully redundant GPS OSA 5581C Oscilloquartz offers a new line of high stability and compact GSP system 5230 & 5240 as well as the ultra compact 453x GPS series with a full range of traffic re-timing solutions. Several local and management solutions are available including GUI Local Manager, Remote Access Manager, and SyncView NMS with optional Q3 and SNMP light and full and TL1 light interfaces for northbound interconnections.

The Oscilloquartz services include valuable specialist consulting services. The OSA 5565 STS, a highly accurate and portable synchronisation test equipment for field use, completes the Oscilloquartz portfolio.