Rostelecom Headquarters
Address: 14, 1st Tverskaya-Yamskaya Street, Moscow, 125047, Russia
Tel: +7 (095) 972–82–83
Fax: +7 (095) 787–28–50

Rostelecom Office in Switzerland
Address: Representation en Suisse le Chateau Banquet 94, Rue de Lausanne 1202 Geneve
Tel: +41 (22) 716–18–88
Fax: +41 (22) 716–18–89

Rostelecom Public Corporation is a major Russian telecommunication enterprise, nationwide operator of international and long-distance telecommunications and a leader of the related service market.
The Company’s license issued by the Russian Federation Ministry of Telecommunications and IT encompasses a centralized running of the primary backbone network, international and long-distance secondary networks and data transfer networks throughout the country.
The Russian Government decreed the participation of Rostelecom in the Svyazinvest Holding Company founded in 1994. As of January 1st, 2001 the Company joint stock was divided as follows:
Svyazinvest Public Corp. – 50.76 % of the voting stock,
Foreign stockholders – 41.48 %,
Russian stockholders – 5.49 %,
Rostelecom staff – 2.36 %.
Rostelecom Corporation operates the telecommunication network throughout the Russian Federation. The backbone communication lines are in total more than 200,000 km long.By the end of 2001 the digitalization level was in excess of 73% (channels x kilometers).
The Company provides most of the long-distance and international communication traffic, as well as the ground network operation for TV and radio channels. Rostelecom also ensure Russia’s communication with 211 countries worldwide and has direct communication lines to 75 operators from 72 countries. The Company provides most of the long-distance and international communication traffic, as well as the ground network operation for TV and radio channels.

Rostelecom Today
Today, the Rostelecom Corporation is: a powerful telecommunication network providing high-quality communication to meet the highest international standards; wide-scale programs to build the front-end optical fibre communication lines and a dedicated satellite telecom system; an Internet global network access; and a whole set of modern communication services to provide for the ever-growing requests from the Russian economy.
The Company’s traditional clientele includes the State institutions, TV and radio companies, home and international telecom operators, and Internet providers. Rostelecom provides, in addition to the traditional facilities, a wide range of the most up-to-date communication services: data and facsimile transfer over the general use switched networks, intercity and international roaming for the Russian mobile telephony operators, Internet access, and leasing of international digital communication channels of almost unlimited capacity.
The Company organization is based on the local branches system. It consists of the Main Long-Distance Communication and Television Centre and 16 Local Long-Distance Communication and TV Centres, including the Central Office. 33,000 high-skill experts who staff the Company branches countrywide guarantee a failsafe transfer of any kind of information round the clock.
With up to 1,000 deals with Rostelecom shares concluded daily, they are the blue chips of the Russian stock market. The Company shares are featured at the world major stock exchanges in New York, Berlin, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Stuttgart, Munich, Hamburg, and Chicago.
The Rostelecom Corporation is an active player at the world telecommunication market. It takes part in joint international programs, has a representative office in Geneva, and is an active member of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). According to the surveys carried out by the Corporate Law Institute and the Standard & Poor’s rating agency, Rostelecom level of the corporate management is one of the highest in Russia.