Telpaş Telekomünikasyon Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.

Head Office
Refik Saydam Cad.
No : 167
80050 Şişhane – İstanbul / Turkey
Tel: +90 212 292 23 61
Fax: +90 212 292 22 99
Contact person: Dilek Bagdatlioglu, Managing Director,
Email: /

İkitelli Organize Sanayi Bölgesi
Turgut Özal Bulvarı, Hanımeli Sok.
34670 İkitelli – İstanbul / Turkey
Tel: +90 212 485 87 30
Fax: +90 212 485 87 37
Contact person: Mert Köseoğlu, Purchasing Director,

Telpaş is founded in 1984 to produce communication products to satisfy the increasing demand in the sector. Since 1984, Telpaş’s main objective is fully exploit the capacity of its technology and research & development, by raising quality levels in every aspect of its operations, providing customers with increasingly higher standards of products. The ability to recognize and exploit the opportunities created by continuous technological improvements and market share has helped Telpaş develop into a company it is today. Telpaş’s emphasis on design has continued to increase and different models are being introduced. The consistent growth in exports proves the degree of quality and professionalism.
The main line of production covers different model and types of corded telephones, Caller ID Telephones, different sizes of PABX’s, telecommunication products like Caller Id Devices, Call (pulse) Counters, Outgoing Call Controllers, High Volume/ Flashing Bells.
TELPAS as a brand in Turkey and in various countries has already been registered by its quality products. TELPAS products do carry the approvals and quality certifications from Turkish Standard Institute and Turkish Telecommunication Company. All the products are under the service guarantee of Telpaş throughout the country. The quality of the service given to the clients via Telpaş’s Service Network is one of the best practices in the country. The Service Network and The After-Sale Maintenance have been honoured by the Association of Protection of Consumers.
In respect of Turkey’s geographical location in terms of the Caspian Region, there is an appropriate pattern of development. The promotion of the economical relations among these countries will help the expansion of trade and industry.
Developing a long-term business plan for the telecommunication network throughout this region by using the related countries’ macroeconomic data will create the fundamentals. By presenting the necessary documentation about the Foreign Investment, The Protection and Promotion Act related to the Foreign Investment, the related Tax Laws and all the other legal aspects will help the parties which are interested in doing business in the region.
Since the communicational phenomena shape the millennium and everyday lives and Telpaş, being part of such a significant sector, has been improving and progressing everyday by new product developments with technical specifications.
Telpaş’s long-term aim is to increase the satisfaction of its customers through different types of products by increasing the technology and reaching excellence in service quality. Telpaş is confident that this vision and the courage to create new opportunities will help to achieve the targets as communication moves into a new era.