World Telecom Market

At 911 billion Euros, the value of the telecommunications market in 2000 was already should grow at 8% each year until 2004...
With an annual increase in value of 14% from 2000-2004, the mobile telephony sector is a principal catalyst in the industry. The telecommunications boom is also attributed to the explosion of data services (+9% annually) and the permanent telephone (4%), triggered by developing countries and the need for Internet access lines.
In 2004, the number of mobile subscriptions should exceed permanent lines: 1,217 million to 1,150 million.

The Force of Europe: Q & A

How much are the markets growing?
4% = The growth of the North American market
8% = The growth of the European market

What is the breakdown of the European telecommunication market?
13% = Italy
14% = France
18% = United Kingdom
20% = Germany
Where are the biggest markets in the world?
In 2004, the breakdown will likely look like this...
29% = Asia-Pacific
27% = Europe
26% = North America

How big is the mobile telephony market in Europe?
It is very big. Permanent telephones only represent 45% of the market and mobiles continue to grow thanks to the diffusion of GPRS and UMTS technologies.

How will the European Internet market change between 2000 and 2004?
In 2000 there were 41 million hook-ups. In 2004, we expect 129 million with a value of 26 million Euros.

What other activity is to be discovered?
E-business is an activity with strong potential. Putting the value of goods and services sold aside, the technical value alone could be anywhere from 10 to 45 billion Euros.

Is television on the way out?
Not likely. With digital television becoming a reality, activity will likely increase. Cable and satellite television continues to grow (18% in Europe from 1998 to 1999).

Source : France Telecom Web site