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With sales of EURO 16.5 billion in 2002, Alcatel operates in more than 130 countries. 2002 sales were distributed geographically as follows: Western Europe 43%, Other Europe 7%, USA 15%, Asia 19% and Rest of World 16%.
Income is derived from wire-line and wireless carriers as well as from private customers, be it enterprises, satellite operators, cable service providers, transport companies, utilities, the oil and gas sector, government institutions and many more.
Alcatel is organized by markets with three business groups: the Fixed Communications Group, the Mobile Communications Group and the Private Communications Group. A pioneer in digital switching, Alcatel has the world’s largest digital line installed base, representing 18% of the world’s installed base. Alcatel is number 1 in optical networking with 15% market share and number 2 in multi-service wide area networks representing 22% of the market. It is the world leader in broadband access technologies with a 38% cumulative market share and over 23 million DSL lines shipped. With this market position, Alcatel is well positioned to bring together value added solutions that offer carriers multimedia content, bringing together parties from the content provider side, the terminal and head-end side as well as the software applications side.
In mobile communications, Alcatel has grown its market share in three years time by 20% in GSM and GPRS, adding up to a world wide market position by year end 2002 of 11%. Today, Alcatel provides mobile infrastructure solutions to one out of four GSM/GPRS operators in the world. Through its alliance with Fujitsu, Alcatel is uniquely positioned in the roll-out of 3G. Alcatel is a leader in Intelligent Network applications, messaging and payment solutions for the mobile environment. Its terminal and handset business completes its a full mobile solution.
The Private Communications Group addresses non-carrier communication markets. It offers convergent network solutions and interaction management to enterprises, represents the number 1 position in satellite in Europe, offers transport solutions to transportation companies and includes Alcatel’s Integration and Services activities. This latter business has grown substantially and today represents 15% of Alcatel sales, predominantly in services, operation and maintenance, but also in consulting, turnkey design and build and operations support.