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ASTEL is being one of the largest and dynamically developing telecommunication operators in Kazakhstan. On the Kazakhstan telecommunications market background, the activity of ASTEL is being distinguished in accordance with the three key points: advanced technologies, high quality of services and the provided services’ geographical latitude.
While holding its activity on the territory of Kazakhstan, and beyond anything - to the benefit of Kazakhstan, while continuously expanding the spectrum and geography of the provided services based upon those advanced telecommunications technologies and by this, promoting the local economy revival and development, Astel strives to become the "first-choice" company to its clients.
Astel perceives its mission in the quality of the one providing the full spectrum of high telecommunication services based upon the newest technologies and modern equipment represented by the leading world manufacturers. Astel applies its best in order to build up the long-term partnerships with its customers and exceed its customers’ expectations with regard to the attention that Astel spares to problems, being operative and competent while solving such, as well as with regard to its desire to be there for them.
Founded in March 1993 as Arna Sprint Data Communications, nowadays Astel represents the largest Kazakhstan non-state telecommunications operator. The Astel Company had established the first general-purpose data transmission network in Kazakhstan represented by the KazNet. For the period of eight years of its operation Astel has built the best-developed integrated telecommunications network that has been employing those high-bit transfer rate digital fibre-optic and satellite communication busses.
May 1993: The first KazNet _.25 batched commutation network host is launched in Almaty.
September 1994: Starting to exploit the KazMail e-mailing system
March 1995: Launching the KazNet Network Control Centre
April 1996: Starting to provide Internet services
November 1997: Starting to provide data transmission services by means of utilizing that Frame Relay, TCP/IP protocols
April 1999: Building the multi-service high bit transfer rate KazNet network covering the 14 largest cities in Kazakhstan. Starting to provide the international telephone communications services.
August 2001: Putting into commercial operation its personal FaraWay VSAT and DialAway IP satellite telecommunication networks together with its Central Operating Station (HUB) located in the city of Almaty.
The KazNet network at the Astel Company is being integrated within the EQUANT - worldwide network (more than 1000 points of presence all around the world), unifying the resources of such large world giants as Global One (US), and France Telecom (France). As compared to the rest of the general purpose commercial networks, the network of KazNet goes beyond any comparison, as its geographical coverage is being really vast, whereas its hosts are being located all around Kazakhstan areas, and network access is being provided from Russia, CIS and Baltic countries, as well as from far abroad countries.

Developed Infrastructure
Astel disposes the highly developed infrastructure, components of which are being represented by the integral telecommunication network, regional branches and those Astel partner service provider organizations. The integral telecommunication network of Astel is being built upon those high bit transfer rate arterial communication busses and utilization of the telecommunication equipment represented by the world’s leading manufacturers. Via satellites and optic fibre busses, the network is being connected with EQUANT, with Internet global network, whereas it possesses its gateways to local and foreign networks. As compared to the rest of the general purpose commercial networks, the network of KazNet goes beyond any comparison, as its geographical coverage is being really vast, whereas its hosts are being located all around Kazakhstan areas, and network access is being provided from Russia, CIS and Baltic countries, as well as from far abroad countries. The Astel representations around all of the Republic of Kazakhstan Regions provide the integral network hosts functioning. The regional Astel strategy is being targeted towards the worldwide broadening of the provided services’ geography.

Range of Services
Astel disposes the set of services that correspond with the needs of the broadest customer circle - from private parties and private business representatives through the state structures, large companies and banks.

Data Transmission

providing the reliable two-way data communication between hosts or between hosts and terminals at the dedicated line transmission bit transfer rate reaching up to 64 Kilobits per second and dial-up connection bit transfer rate reaching up to 14,4 Kilobits per second.

providing the permanent virtual communication among various remote offices introducing them the high-performance data transmission, and also providing an opportunity of remote office access when signed up for the KazNet FR network (DC++ service). Its users may also be provided with an additional service of accessing the Internet.

allowing to build-up a corporate client network based upon those IP technologies. There exists an additional possible option of the authorized dial-up access within the client local neighbourhood via KazNet IP network remote control host.

Astel is offering the service pack with regard to building up the superimposed client corporate network access based upon those KazNet IP, KazNet X.25, KazNet FR networks:
KazNet IP VPDN (tunnelled IP access via KazNet IP network hosts)
KazNet X.25 DC+ (dial-up access via Equant X.25 network serial (pin) numbers)
KazNet FR DC++ (accessing the KazNet FR network connected via those KazNet IP and X.25 networks’ dial-up hosts).

Internet Services
Dedicated line Internet access - besides the full-value access to the Internet resources, the presented service does also allow to network-activate those informational servers and local neighbourhood workstations. Together with the presented service customers are also eligible for ordering the additional services, such as obtaining a block of IP addresses, DNS username registration and DNS domain hosting.
Dial-up Internet access - the presented service allows obtaining the full-value access to the Internet resources by means of employing a regular telephone line. This access gets possible in virtue of direct dialling at the KazNet IP or else (alternatively) in the encapsulation mode, via the KazNet X.25 network.
Internet E-mail - electronic mailing service (rfc-822), providing the possibility of message mailing via the Internet, is being executed by means of signing up for individual or corporate mailboxes at the Astel server.
Internet News - providing access to USENET - the worldwide teleconference system via the Astel News server.

Web Services
Web-hosting, placing and hosting personal pages, clients’ virtual web-servers on Astel servers;
co-location, placing and hosting clients’ web-servers on Astel squares.
Web programming (writing scripts, designing databases, e-commerce) and design; maintenance and technical support.
Issuing the provider host (site), allowing to offer the full range of Internet services and to provide the execution of administrative functions.

Financial Telecommunications
Signing up for the access to Interbank settlement system S.W.I.F.T
Signing up for the access to dealing systems of REUTERS.
Signing up for the Kazakhstan Interbank Settlement Centre KISC.
Signing up for the access to Kazakhstan Stock Exchange KASE.
Remote access to electronic stock quotes at remote access to electronic stock quotes at Moscow Interbank Currency Stock Exchange (MMVB), Moscow Central Stock Exchange (MCFB), Russia’s Trade System (RTS), and also at those regional securities stock exchanges in Russia.
Establishing and maintaining corporate banking networks and the rest of services pertaining to banking and other finance business.

The KazMail electronic mailing system for business applications allows exchanging messages with the rest of the KazMail customers, establishing those corporate mailing organizations within the KazMail system, exchanging messages with other manifold e-mailing systems, including Internet users, telex communications customers, and also transmitting those messages on pagers and fax machines.
The Global Enhanced FAX - the global automated faxing system: Faxed messages are being delivered via the dedicated faxing network that is being based upon the Equant X.25 global network. Access to the presented service is being executed by means of utilizing a traditional faxing machine. The Global Enhanced FAX service provides the high-resolution quality, reliability and time saving at the point of the competitive costs.

Voice Services
International Direct Dial -automatic international telephone communication service: The service predisposes the provision of telephone line with the possibility of direct dialling to customers around over 290 countries in the world.
Thanks to utilizing the international Equant network that covers the whole world, the services provided by the International Direct Dial represent the following benefits: high quality, competitive tariffs, detailed bills, round-clock customer support service.

Special Services
KazNet VSAT Access providing customer’s being connected to the KazNet network services by means of utilizing those VSAT satellite stations at the bit transfer rate of up to 256 Kilobits per second.
LMS access service (Last Mile Service) providing the organized dedicated access channels from customer’s office through the KazNet network via those wired and radio lines.
IPL Services (International Private Line) and NPL (National Private Line) providing the digital full-duplex synchronous communication bus (channel) based upon the KazNet network and upon the network of the Astel partner - Equant. The presented services may be utilized for the purpose of providing the intercommunication between those geographically remote offices at the point of the simultaneous two-way transmission of voice, video, data and the rest of the digitally modulated information at the bit transfer rates reaching up to 2 Megabits per second.
Consulting: Developing and auditing networks of any capacity, consulting in area of modern network technologies.
Project development: A detailed analysis of customer’s needs, developing the optimal network supplying project, installing and configuring network equipment, continuous project technical support and maintenance.
System Integration: Including the pre-process screening, developing, delivery and installation of modern telephone stations, structured cable systems, local and corporate networks, installing the data transmission systems, fibre optic lines and associated equipment, fire alarm system, video observation and security systems, uninterrupted power sources. Providing service support with regard to both separate equipment types as well as t the entire establishment’s informational system.
The range of the provided services is growing continuously, whereas their characteristics are improving with regard to the technological innovations and growing demands of the clients.

The intimate cooperation with the leading world’s network operators and equipment manufacturers - serves warrant to high quality, reliability and efficiency of those solutions provided by Astel. Those telecommunication equipment and software solution suppliers of Astel are being represented by such large and significant world manufacturers as N.E.T., Cisco Systems, Nortel Networks, RAD Data Communications, Gilat Satellite Networks, Cabletron Systems, Lucent Technologies, IMV Victron V.B., SekuraKey, Ascend Communications, ZyXEL and others.

Among its customers, Astel may mention those large Kazakhstan enterprises, foreign and trans-national companies and banks, state institutions, mass media, middle and small business companies, private parties. Having made their choice, they have obtained the powerful and reliable solutions pertaining to not only current problems but also to the successful activity in the future.