Message from Minister of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Turkey

Science has undergone revolutionary changes in the past century. Only a few decades ago, all telecommunications services were delivered over copper wires. Today, with the help of new technologies, higher quality services and applications are provided in a cost effective manner and they have led to a digital age of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) which has a direct impact on economic development as well as people’s welfare. Turkey has proved itself in the world by its economic growth and

geopolitical situation. The Turkish Economy has improved so quickly and continues to show dynamism. With the help of structural reforms, Turkey has promoted its level in the developed countries league and also the great modernization of the telecommunications structure in Turkey is a magnificent sign of the evolution of the Information Age. The hi-tech digital switching boards and daily expansion of the digital mobile GSM network of Turkey are adequate examples for evaluating Turkey’s ability, competitive markets, skills and so its potentials. With 19 millions of PSTN subscribers and approximately 28 millions of GSM subscribers, the telecommunications access paths per one household is about 3 lines (300 lines/100 households), that is one of the highest rates in the world. Telecommunications liberalization has just begun and Turkey with its modern and high capacity infrastructure and also with its satellite, DSL, cable TV, cellular and Internet backbone systems; has become to a more respectable position in telecommunications sector as well as its other sectors in the world. Meanwhile, DSL and Cable TV systems are given more importance in order to develop broadband access and to bridge the digital divide.

Globalization and rapid technological changes have made knowledge a critical determinant of competitiveness in the world economy. However, the knowledge revolution also brings with it, the threat of a widening gap between developed and developing countries with disparities in access to knowledge and information. In this context; the region’s resources as well as Turkey’s great experiences and potentials are regarded as a good opportunity to foster the growth of information and communication technologies. That’s why this organization is assessed as an important step to continue the developing cooperation by strengthening the business contacts and partnerships in the region.

Finally, I would like to express that it is a great pleasure to welcome all the participants in this organization in İstanbul, the crossroads of civilizations.

With my best wishes,

Binali Yıldırım

Minister of Transport and Communications, Republic of Turkey