Federal State Unitary Enterprise Experimental Factory of Scientific Engineering Russian Academy of Sciences

Contact: Oleg Yu Novikov,

Adress: Academician Semenov

prospekt 9, Chernogolovka,

Moscow region, 142432

Russian Federation

Phone: +7 095 962 80 50/51

+7 095 785 70 25

Fax: +7 096 524 95 88

E-mail: info@ezan.ac.ru


Web: www.ezan.ac.ru

Company profile

Research and development, production and application of science intensive and high-tech products.


Telecommunication transmission equipment

Ezan produces telecommunications equipment of Synchronous and Plesiochronous Digital Hierarchies (SDH and PDH) for fiber optics transmission systems. Having the license agreements with NEC Corporation (Japan), Ezan produces equipment adapted to Russian transmission lines and networks under its own trademark. The license agreements cover the whole production line. Now Ezan is the biggest Russian manufacturer of the telecommunication transmission equipment.

Automated control systems

EZAN develops, designs, and produces automated control systems (software and hardware) for different applications such as atomic industry and railways.

Analytical equipment

EZAN develops, designs and produces analytical equipment. The company has grate experience in producing high-vacuum analytical equipment: molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) machines, mass-spectrometers, electron microscopes, equipment for etching and deposition of thin films. Today Ezan is the only company in Russia that has abilities to produce such equipment.


Ezan develops, designs and produces high-quality enclosures (racks, boxes, cases etc) that meet the international standard IEC-297.

Crystal growth equipment

Ezan develops, designs and produces automated equipment for melt growth technologies (sapphire, YAG, YAG ND, lithium niobate, gallium arsenide).


Ezan Service Center performs warranty and post-warranty support, start-and-adjustment, repair services, maintenance for Ezan products.

Company vision

Ezan is the biggest commercial company of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The company has its own Design department with high-level and experienced engineers and different production lines (machine shop, press shop, paint shop, electroplating shop etc). The unique combination of research and development activity and well equipped production facilities allows Ezan to be the modern and developing company with wide range of high-tech products.