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Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd. (Nasdaq: GILTF) is a global leader in satellite networking technology. With its global subsidiaries, the Company develops, manufactures, deploys and operates communications networks based on its proprietary Very Small Aperture Terminal, or VSAT, technology. With over 400,000 VSAT units shipped worldwide to more than 80 countries on six continents, the company provides satellite-based, enterprise networking and rural telephony solutions, and markets interactive broadband data sercices to residential and small office/home office (SOHO) customers.

Gilat employs more than 900 people worldwide, with some 20 offices and many more representations scattered around the globe. Spacenet, headquartered in Mclean, Virginia (USA), handles the company’s North American activities. Gilat Latin America, headquartered in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, has regional offices in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and Peru. The company has regional offices in: Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Russia, South Africa, Thailand and the Philippines.

Gilat’s VSAT networks and advanced technology are changing the face of

Enterprise networking for data, video and audio applications that ranges from credit card authorization, on-line banking and corporate intranet to interactive distance learning, nationwide, or worldwide.

Bundled telephony & Internet solutions that converge voice and always-on Internet access for government and public telephony operators, rural public call offices (PCO), and remote businesses and provide fax and Internet connections that bridge the digital divide.

Internet access and broadband IP, with high-speed, always-on interactive connectivity for Internet-based unicast, multicast and interactive content delivery applications anytime, anywhere.

Gilat—Complete Solution Vendor

Gilat’s dominance in the VSAT market has been earned in part by our willingness to provide more than just nuts and bolts of the system. We partner our clients through every stage of the deployment process and beyond. Our unmatched experience is available to help you minimize the time to fully operational service deployment and our best-practice customer experience helps you maximize earnings.

Gilat in the region

Gilat in Turkey. An excellent example of a SCADA application is the network Gilat provided for the Turkey Emergency Flood and Earthquake Recovery Project (TEFER). A 356-site satellite-based The Skystar Advantage VSAT communications network was deployed with a central satellite hub system is placed in Turkey’s General Directorate of State Meteorological Works (DMI) and another hub system is in the Directorate of State Hydrological Works (DSI). The VSAT terminals are used by both agencies to increase communications efficiency between meteorological radar systems, Automated Weather Observation Systems (AWOS), hydrological stations and airport meteorological stations. To cope with the growing interest and business in Turkey Gilat established recently a representative agreement with the Turkish company SETKOM, with extensive support bases in Ankara, Istanbul and several other places in the country.

Gilat in central Asia. Gilat has a strong presence in Kazakhstan where it has been since 1998. Eleven hub stations and almost 3000 VSATs have been installed during this time in this vast country. Gilat equipment FaraWay, DialAw@y IP and Skystar Advantage is used for countrywide telephony and data enterprise and public networks in Kazakhstan and neighboring countries. In 2000 Gilat opened a Representative Office in Almaty, responsible for Central Asia, Turkey, Caucasus, Mongolia, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Among many services, this office provides technical and commercial support to the customers. In Mongolia there are two satellite communications networks built with Gilat VSATs: the Civil Aviation Authority of
Mongolia employs FaraWay technology in the complex air navigation system of this country, and the private operator Incomnet has implemented DialAw@y IP network for enterprise data an voice applications. In Tajikistan the national operator Tajiktelecom operates successfully a FaraWay network for public telephony and data services in the region. In Turkmenistan Gilat is building a FarAway network for communication with the border posts of the country’s Immigration Services.

Gilat in Russia. In 2003, Gilat installed two central stations in Russian Satellite Commincation Center located in the town of Dubna near Moscow. A SkyStar 360E network for JackPot (with over 500 VSATs to be installed this year), a country-wide lottery system and a Dial@way IP hub for Yust Telecom, a telecom company to serve their customers in oil and other industries. Gilat recently announced an agreement to supply Russia’s Modern Institute for the Humanities with a SkyStar 360E hub and 155 remote sites. The network will provide Internet access, distance learning and video conferencing to the University’s branches located throughout the Russian Federation. Gilat has an office in Moscow that looks after its activities in the country.

The future now: Gilat introduces SkyEdge

If up to now the technology allowed for each VSAT platform supporting a particular market and application to operate on a single hub, today, with the introduction of Gilat’s news SkyEdge product family, the situation changes dramatically. Introduced in Feburary 2004, the new SkyEdge product family, consisting of five tailored VSAT platforms, will all operate via a single hub. Different VSAT platforms supporting a wide range of applications and markets, including a DVB-RCS VSAT, can be mixed and matched and added to a single network, using one network management station and using one segment of bandwidth.

This new dramatic breakthrough allows operators to expand their business horizons, being able to support numerous applications and not having to make significant investments in additional hubs in order to do so. The entry barriers for the business will go down, costs will be reduced through savings on space segment, network management and other areas. The result should be that more and more people will be able to be served by VSAT technology and slowly but steadily, that digital divide will continue to close.

The new SkyEdge satellite communications platform is the first of its kind—a truly converged system supporting multiple VSATs on a single hub with a host of advanced features such as: embedded VPN, embedded acceleration technologies, and mesh VoIP. The SkyEdge product family delivers superior circuit-switched voice and data services on a single, flexible, robust and easily managed platform. It represents a genuine breakthrough in satellite networking that can revitalize the service offerings and revenue flow of network operators and service providers.

The SkyEdge VSAT family

The state-of-the-art two-way satellite-based SkyEdge VSAT solutions offer unprecedented deployment and configuration versatility. The range comprises:

SkyEdge™ Pro—Multi Service platform, bundles interactive data, broadband IP & legacy, public and corporate telephony on a single platform. Three optional expansion slots for plug in cards including; serial, quad LAN, voice and mesh.

SkyEdge™ IP—IP Router, enables interactive broadband IP, legacy and multicasting applications to one or all of your business locations—ideal for businesses of any size.

SkyEdge™ Call—Telephony, provides full telephony capabilities designed for carriers to provide rural universal service obligation (USO) and governmental projects. The SkyEdge Call provides full PSTN telephony capability including toll-quality voice, fax and in-band data coupled with unique value-added features.

SkyEdge™ Gateway—Trunking Solutions platform, supports digital telephony with high capacity E1 connectivity to the PSTN, and IP data, on-demand for star and mesh trunking applications giving carriers, corporations and governments long-distance interconnect capabilities.

SkyEdge™ DVB-RCS—Enhanced Standard Solution, this standards-compliant VSAT enables interactive broadband IP and multicasting applications. For corporations, service providers, and carriers. The SkyEdge DVB-RCS is much more than a standard return link VSAT, it provides a unique dual mode solution including non standardized upper layers features, inevitable for efficient broadband service operation.