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Marketing & Sales Engineer

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Description of company

Hesfibel is manufacturer of optical fibers, f/o cables and copper telephone cables located in Kayseri, Turkey. Hesfibel established in 1990, realized its first delivery of fiber optic cable in March 1991 to Turkish Telecom. Soon after, started the production of joint box, pigtail, fiber distribution frame (FDF), termination box and coaxial cable. The cable production capacity increased each month steadily from 100 kilometers in 1991 to more than 4,000 kilometers per month in 2004. The capability of producing different kind of fibers also increased throughout the years, including loose tube, ribbon, aerial, submarine, tight buffer etc.

In 1992, Hesfibel exported his first fiber optic cables, which was followed by thousands of kilometers to more than 40 different countries and 4 continents in 2004. Now, more than 70 % of the produced cables in Hesfibel plant in Kayseri are exported through all over the world. Each day, the marketing network of Hesfibel expands and gets more powerfully.

In 1993 Hesfibel has been certified to ISO 9002 in addition, in 1997 the company has also been certified to ISO 14000. Finally, Hesfibel has been certified to ISO 9000 quality certificate in 2003.

After a high investment in R&D for fiber production, Hesfibel succeeded to produce his own optical fibers in 1994. Nowadays the fiber production exceeds 1,000,000 fiber kilometers per year. Many kinds of optical fibers are available in our stocks, single mode, multi mode and dispersion shifted.

In 1998, after establishment of Hesfibel Marine, Hesfibel increased its capabilities by gaining the ability of production, maintenance of submarine cables and submarine joint boxes with its own cable ship.

Same year investments on copper cables started which is completed in 1999. Now, in 2004, Hesfibel has the capacity of 5,300,000 wire*km copper cable production and realized export of its copper cables to Brazil, Turk Telecom, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Ethiopia, Nicaragua, Honduras, USA, Public Telecommunication Corporation of Yemen and Pakistan Telecom Corporation are our registered customers for copper cables.


Optical Fiber

Fiber Optic Cables

Submarine Fiber Optic Cables

Optical Joint Closures

Pigtails & Patchcord

FDP-TB Boxes

Coaxial Cables

Copper Telephone Cables

LAN Cables


“Turn Key“ Fiber Optic Cable Projects including

Fiber Optic Cable Route Survey;

Design of Fiber Optic Lines;

Installation of Fiber Optic Lines;

Commissioning of Fiber Optic Lines.

Submarine Fiber Optic Cable Projects including

Submarine Cable Operations;

Maintenance and Laying of Submarine Fiber Optic Cables;

Splicing and Test Services;

Commissioning of Submarine Fiber Optic Cable Lines.

Quality policy of Hesfibel

Quality is a result of the struggle of all of us working at all levels of organization. To be successful on these levels, Quality Assurance System should be well implemented and general quality understanding should be known and applied very well by workers.

According to above our Quality Policy is “less scrap, reliable product, customer satisfaction”.

Environment management policy of Hesfibel

Our basic Environment Policy is to make environment management principals accepted and applied by all of Hesfibel staff to ensure both the fulfilment of our legal obligations and optimum use of natural sources by means of volunteer activities, recycle and utilise of waste by selecting worthwhile materials and continuous improvement of the system.

Exports to


Bosnia & Herzegovina Korea
Brazil Malaysia Bulgaria
Azerbaijan Kazakhstan Switzerland
Syria Cyprus Spain
Macedonia Georgia Australia
Algeria Yemen Holland
Romania Jordan Bangladesh
Russian Federation Croatia Bahrain
Malta France Ukraine
Italy Hungary Finland
Nicaragua Sudan Equador
El Salvador Costa Rica Honduras
Tajikistan Uzbekistan Ethiopia
Iran Sweden Japan
Pakistan Slovenija Thailand
Sudan Germany & Many More...

Our vision

Since 1990, our company has been supplying its products and serving its customers. We serve over 40 countries in the world, providing a comprehensive approach to our customers’ needs by offering services and products to renovate telecommunication lines and enhance capacities.

In addition to above, we value long term relationships with our co-workers and customers. By working together, we try to exceed our customers’ expectations. Leadership, honesty, a strong work ethic, safety and respect for each other guide us in making decisions in our work today and for future. That is the way we do business and it enables us to earn a fair profit and it positions us for long term growth. The most important thing is that this situation allows us to provide a stable work environment for our co-workers.

As an industry leader, we will continue to grow by developing new and better ways to meet and exceed our customers’ needs. We are committed to continuosly improving our service and providing co-workers with the information to make better goods and decisions. We, as Hesfibel are open to new ideas, opportunities and business ventures that will help ensure a better future both for our customers and co-workes. The best part is, we are already doing it today.