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Ihlas group’s Internet operations go as far back as 1993. Originally formed as an internal department, Ihlas.Net was incorporated in 1997 to offer high-quality connectivity services. Mainly focused in the business segment, Ihlas’s connectivity services are today offered through three specialized companies:

Ihlas Net: ISP, providing corporate and individual Internet services, territorial internet, hosting and co-Location services. Ihlas Net is the first internet service provider in Turkey with ISO 9002 Quality Certificate. (

Net Iletisim: Satellite internet service provider, also active in VoIP, internet & application service provision. Net Iletisim is the exclusive distributor of Bentley Telecom, the largest global distributor of Hughes Network Systems’ DirecPC system. (

Net Telecom: Voice Provider (

Ihlas Net, today, focused its operations in the lucrative B2B market. The key competency of Ihlas Net is the provision of specialized Internet connectivity to small and medium businesses. It delivers leased line Internet access to more than 250 customers and provides more than 2,500 corporate clients with other Internet services. Ihlas Net has a very well established network of small and medium scale corporate customers.

Current international partnerships (Distributorships)

In various fields of ICT market, Ihlas Net Group is in co-operation with following international companies:

Bentley Telecom: Two-way Internet via satellite services

Hughes: Two-way Internet via satellite equipment

Broadband Internet connection via satellite with a small antenna.

Applications via VSAT equipment;

No backbone problems!

No telephone line!

No use limit!

No extra payment!

No busy signal!

Comsat/Viasat: Two-way Internet via satellite equipment

Broadband Internet Connection via Satellite with a small antenna.

Applications via VSAT equipment;

Internet Access,

Intranet and Extranets,


Distance Education, File Transfer,


Inmarsat: Regional BGAN personal two-way Internet via satellite equipment

Internet always with you at an large footprint!

Internet connection,


VPN Connection,

File Transfer provided with hig quality connection via Regional BGAN equipment.

Net2Phone: VoIP and IP telephony equipment and services

Connection to the every part of the World.

Using Net2Phone equipment you may achive fast IP to IP connection with hig voice quality.

You can also make VoIP and PSTN connections with very low cost and hig voice quality without delay.

CallServe/PhoneServe: Calling card and VoIP services

Highest connection time with lowvest possible cost.

Incredible voice quality, lovest possible cost and without delay you may talk every part of the World.

ZMM & Callan: IP Phone equipment

Yamatel: Calling Card and International call-back services

Calling Card, CallBack and VoIP services are provided newly establish POP points in Turkey.

Aperto Networks: Broadband wireless access equipments.

Aperto Networks is a leading provider of new generation broadband wireless access systems for global markets.

Aperto delivers point-to-multipoint and point-to-point system solutions.