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Company profile

Invenoa is a dynamic company specializing in the development and marketing of innovative products and technologies that manage the revenue chain for traditional and next-generation communication service providers, retailers and distributors of digital media, and technology solutions providers. We build large-scale, complex software applications that deliver unique solutions integrated with standard product architectures and leverage open Internet technologies to enable providers to achieve peak operational efficiency while driving maximum revenue from their product and service offerings.

We have also consistently delivered our clients robust solutions that differentiate their services, reduce their costs and increase their revenue potential.

We believe passionately in our core values of technical excellence, adaptability, commitment and honesty.

We are committed to building a business with a unique set of core values. We recruit, evaluate, reward and retain our employees on the basis of their adherence to our core values.Our people have over 20 man-years of experience in developing solutions and solving problems solely in the domain of Service Management and OSS. We recruit highly skilled consultants and engineers capable of handling the complex problems associated with the management of large networks.

We operate in a fast-changing and demanding environment both from a business and technical perspective. We aim to be innovative in responding to your needs, and to adapt our solutions to your business processes and organization using the latest available technologies.

We have an enviable reputation of delivering our projects to time and budget. We are committed to exceeding your expectations and our expectations of each other.

We are independent and will tell it to you how it is. Our belief is that sharing information and issues is why we have delivered projects to time and to budget.



MeBoss Telco provides service rating, invoicing and formatting facilities. It performs real-time rating, pricing and discounting for the bundled services. The invoice engine creates the customer bill layout to suit a variety of distribution media.The formatter produces output in a range of formats, from traditional paper invoices to xmlinvoices for further distribution through the Internet or mobile IP networks. MeBoss Telco has service management feature which is the main rule-based configurable product for creating and maintaining bundled services. It works in conjunction with the self-care application to ensure that customers have the latest bundles and tariff plans applied to their accounts. This feature provides the product suite with greater flexibility for defining convergent products.

MeBOSS calling card

MeBoss Calling Card provides call flow management, real-time rating, pin generation, and service provisioning facilities. While offering a platform for event-based and metered usage,MeBoss' powerful and efficient rating engine is capable of high-volume processing of usage, rating extended services, discount structures and loyalty schemes. It is both usage-based and event-driven to answer the needs of next generation service providers. MeBoss is able to handle traditional rating scenarios as well as multi-layered, complex scenarios giving you a sophisticated tool that will enhance your product offering.


MeBoss CRM facilitates effective planning, execution and analysis of marketing campaigns to proactively manage the customer life cycle and increase customer lifetime value. It offers communications providers powerful marketing and customer management capabilities. It also provides interactive, guided analysis and visualization of customer and product data.


Hotellium was carefully designed to help organize and simplify your Hotel reservations and property management tasks. You will have all the hotel software tools necessary for hotel reservations, guest management, room charts, hotel accounting, call accounting software, Internet booking engine, and many other robust Add-On Enhancements. It includes the very powerful Hotel Travel agent and booking engine giving your Property access to thousands of reservation Web-sites and booking engines.


The IBeep uses convergence technology to deliver a full range of integrated information and entertainment services from the convenience of a TV set, ranging from Internet access, secure online transactions, interactive television, interactive games and full telephony. This box is an advanced Digital Media Device solution that enables Video on demand, broadband, standard connectivity for advanced Internet functionality, and third generation VOD technology.

Other products

MeBOSS Leasing


MCS Monitoring & Control System

Services system integration

A "solution" is the final result of the System Integration activity, meaning the integration process of software, hardware, human and technological resources, which is completed thanks to considerable experience and resources.

Our core business of System Integrator focuses prevalently on the following areas:



Management Information System




Invenoa can offer consulting with the full range of the above-described services in the areas of support and consultancy for software development (.NET, OOP, COM+, CORBA, Java, C++, Visual Basic, Windows CE, Linux etc.), business processes and supervision and control systems for telecommunications operators and Technology and applications connected with the Internet and Multimedia, management information systems for manufacturing companies and for the tertiary sector (tourism, banks, insurance and publishing etc.).

Invenoa's Professional Services mission is to be our customer's best partner for the implementation and deployment of BOSS applications by providing technical excellence in MeBoss software solutions, responsive customer services and predictable results.

Company vision

Establish new horizons for billing and customer care services: usage, content, distance and quality of service.

Liberate operators from the limitations of traditional billing plans and facilitate real-time updates and information on demand.

Reduce the demands of implementation - freeing up time and money for the introduction of new added value products and packaging new services.

Provide self-care for customers including self-provisioning and account management - significantly reducing call center operations.

Invenoa's vision means that our users are delighted with our solutions.

Supplies to the region

Invenoa solutions are currently able to be deployed in the following markets: Integrated Communications, Voice, IP/Broadband, Digital Content, Wireless Voice and Data, Telematics, Application Hosting, and Storage Services, GPRS, Mobile IP, ISP, Satellite, fixed line and convergent services. The MeBoss Product is architectured to meet future billing requirements including 3G billing requirements.

The telecommunications market continues to transform. Technologies and services are converging and new types of service providers are springing up to challenge the established players.

Invenoa solutions have been designed with flexibility to support the various billing elements with content, transaction, location, context, time and quality of service capabilities.

The future will bring a host of new applications, undreamt of today, as service providers pursue the opportunities provided by new technologies.

Invenoa is here to help operators differentiate themselves and capture market share in this crowded and competitive environment.