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Karel is the forward-looking designer and manufacturer of cutting edge telecommunication solutions both for public and private enterprises.

Today, the necessity of intelligent solutions in telecommunications has reached to a point that has never been before and is assured to continue being on the rise by the ever-increasing demands of corporate world. Karel’s role in this era is to offer cost effective, rapid, high quality and tailor made solutions to enterprises. Private and state-owned telecom operators, private networks, public offices, chain hotels, banks and manufacturing plants are some of Karel’s current and potential customers.

Private telephone systems; complete range of PABXs

With its 75% market share for small capacity telephone systems and 57% for the whole range PABXs, Karel is the doubtless market leader of telephone systems for many years in Turkey. Karel offers a variety of telephone systems with capacities ranging from small to large and a rich set of matching accessories to be used with telephone systems.

KAREL Electronics Corporation is listed in the world’s one of the 25 biggest PABX manufacturers. According to Worldwide PBX/KTS and PCX Market Share and Forecast report of Gartner, Inc. dated January 2002, Karel has the highest market share of 13,2% in Top 10 Companies’ Shipments of PBX, KTS and PCX Lines to Middle East and Africa.

Besides being a sharp follower of latest trends in global telecommunication technologies, Karel opens up new pathways in the sector. ISDN, DECT, CTI, VoIP and GSM are just some of the technologies of interest that Karel is gearing towards.

Public telephone systems; rural & tandem applications

Karel’s DS200 model is the cost effective rural exchange with flexible design, distributed processing architecture and modular structure, plunging recently into the near term plans of world telephone operators.

With its tailor made modules, DS200 offers the perfectly compatible rural and tandem exchanges improving the performance of CIS countries’ telephone infrastructures. SS7, ISDN PRI, E1-R2, 1VF, CAS1B, CAS2B, CAS3B are the trunk interfaces that connect the DS200 system to the existing public switching telephone network.

Dynamism and flexibility existing in the very foundations of Karel Electronics Corporation leads the R&D studies to be fast, accurate and extensive. Karel has the supremacy on design and production facilities in means of finding and applying customer-oriented solutions especially for rural and tandem applications.

Apart from regular rural and tandem applications, Karel offers a unique project especially developed for the telephone operators active on CIS infrastructures. ATSK, ATSK-U type exchanges as well as cross-bar exchanges with IKM30, IKM15, KNK12, V2 transmissions on one side and digital exchanges on the other side, DS200 can function as a perfect bridge between the two dissimilar networks. This project is first successfully implemented in 28 cities of Azerbaijan, where a total of 85 DS200 rural and tandem exchanges are currently at service, improving the quality of telephone communication among the republic.


Karel’s field of activities includes some major telecommunication projects, as well. Production and installation of Pair Gain systems, SDH radio projects in partnership with NEC of Japan and IVR systems together with call centers are some of the projects being accomplished by Karel.

Karel provided a total of 10.100 payphones with smartcard and their management systems to Turk Telekom in partnership with Ascom, France. Also a project of installing 600 radiolink equipments for Turk Telekom is still going on and 50% of the project is completed.

Radiolink and fiberoptic transmission solutions, an IVR system serving to telephone subscribers in Baku and a PCM-11 pair gain system are the projects that are carried out in Azerbaijan.

Worldwide activities

Karel offers telecommunication solutions to more than 30 countries around the world. Karel’s major sales and support activities are in global markets such as Russia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Republic of South Africa, Morocco, Greece, Spain, India, Iran and Iraq.

Quality assurance

Quality Assurance for Karel Electronics Corporation means a constant, continuous search of the finest and the most effective in all means. An ISO certified quality assurance system is used to control every phase of production. The Quality Directorate within the Corporation’s organization applies all aspects of quality management.