Mega Communication

Mega Communication, was established in 1992, in Germany, with 100% Turkish Capital. It provides Telecommunications Services in 12 countries.

Mega Communications GmbH, was established in 1992 for the production, distribution and marketing of value added telecommunications services and other services in telecommunications sector. Based in Dusseldorf, Germany, Mega has companies in 12 different countries namely Austria, USA, England, Spain, Belgium, Holland, Greece, Poland, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Khazakistan and Turkey.

Mega Communications, has realised an outstanding growth since it was created in 1992. Even during the beginning of the 21st century when communication companies have faced many difficulties as of 2002 it has reached a turnover of 115 million US Dollars.

As of 1996, Mega Communications launched and developped its international activities in Middle and Eastern Europeen countries. Mega Communications, within its multinational structure of 12 countries, employes about 1,000 people.


Mega Communications GmbH, provide services in 5 different areas. It has 2 licences granted to the independent telecommunications operators in Germany. Mega developes and manufactures its innovative hard and software for internet, networking and IVR Systems. Following the liberalisation of the telecommunications sector, Mega has began providing services in information services (11 88 3) and call centers (CRM) . Mega has gain an outstanding success concerning the GSM industry value added products and especially SMS ve MMS based services. For a better and effective introduction and marketing of the products and services, Mega also provides advertising services and owns local TV licences in Khazakistan and in Greece. Mega also provides printing and Internet services.

11883 – Information services

Following the liberalization of the telecommunications sector, in 2000, Mega Communications, has began providing information and call center services in Germany with the short number 11883. It is one of the biggest providers due to its high standart technology and its considerable experience .

The service of 11883 covers

National information

International information

National (towards Turkey) information

SMS service

MMS service

Multiple information

Wake-up call

Postal zip codes




With its 275 operators, Mega Call Center provides services for 250.000 unknown numbers and 150.00 special information calls.

In Mega Communications Call Center, besides the operational technology ,the best system and working environment is provided for the operator activities.

Furthermore, Mega 11883 call Center provides Turkish Call Center services 11871 for Turkish people living in Germany .

MEGA 11883 has also developed special management programmes technologies such as :

Call Center Staff management and Planning

Call Center Services Distribution and Management

Call Fallow-up

Service Effectivity

Produced by MegaTECH and MegaSOFT.

National And international telecomunications services

Among the licenced and independent operators in Germany, Mega Communications is one of the 3 top companies, due to its national and international telecomunications traffic performance. Mega Communications, with 010012 and 01058 licences ve networks, provides over 15 million mns/day traffic in Germany and provides solutions for the fix line communication needs of 600.000 people. Mega, with its network investment of over 75 million US Dollars and its economic tariffs in 170 countries, estimates reaching a 7 billion minutes traffic, as of the end of 2004.