Contact: Ms. Mariana Grozeva

Address: Kokstadveien 23

P.O. Box 7090, N-5020 Bergen Norway

Phone: +47 55 22 51 00

Fax: +47 55 22 52 99

Company profile

Nera is one of Norway's leading companies in telecommunicaions. The company has specialized in development, manufacture and sales of telecommunications equipment and systems.

Our main products are microwave radio-relay systems for various types of telecommunications networks as well as maritime and land based mobile satellite communication systems.

Nera also supplies communication solutions for defence, power companies, oil companies, railways and organizations which need their own telecommunications network.

Company vision

Nera's business concept is to capitalize on the skills of its staff, knowledge of the market and customer relations by offering products, applications and systems in the telecommunications and satellite communications industry.

With over 50 years of experience, through an extensive distribution organization, innovative technology and superior product know-how, the Nera Group will create added value for its customers by offering products, which satisfy the high quality and price demands of customers.

Nera's aim is to be a profitable and correctly positioned company within selected segments of the telecommunications market. Moreover, the Nera Group will attract highly qualified expertise by being perceived as an attractive place to work in the technical environment.

The Nera Group is positioned in growth segments of the international telecommunications market. Specifically, the Nera Group will position itself towards the market, which is expanding through the integration of IT and telecommunications, and has accordingly established development and sales of wireless broadband systems and equipment where products and skills from both radio link and satellite are integrated.

The Nera organization continuously works to create market-leading solutions based on innovative technologies and 50 years of experience.