NetCracker Technology Corp. Streamlining Telecom Operations


Founded: 1993

Office Locations: Boston, USA (headquarters)

Moscow, Russia

London, United Kingdom

Employees: 225+

Corporate Structure: Private

North America

Waltham, MA

1.781.736.0860 P

Julie Wingerter

Eastern Europe

Moscow, Russia

Yuri Pamukin

Phone: +7 095 540 93 47

Western Europe

London, United Kingdom

Mike Boshier

Phone: +44 01 256 69 80 90


NetCracker Technology offers a suite of Operation Support System (OSS) modules to assist companies in streamlining their telecom operations. These modules help companies track their network assets, manage their inventory of circuits, and provision services to customers.

NetCracker provides value to our customers by helping them to increase revenues and decrease costs:

Increased revenues resulting from:

Reduced time to market with new services due to streamlined provisioning processes

Ability to offer more services due to enhanced operational controls

Reduced expenses resulting from:

Ability to better utilize capital equipment such as switches, cards, routers, etc.

Ability to automate routine processes

Improved controls over network infrastructure

Product line

The NetCracker OSS Solution assists companies in tracking all aspects of their network inventory, including location, configuration and customer information. In addition, configurable provisioning templates and discovery and reconciliation tools enable service providers to keep their network information current.

NetCracker is “technology agnostic” which means the application supports all technologies and services including wireline and wireless services and both packet and switched services including new technologies such as IP and Gigabit Ethernet and older technologies including copper wiring. A partial list of the technologies and services that NetCracker supports includes: ATM, Frame Relay, MPLS, Sonet, SDH, PDH, Copper, GSM, IP, and many more.

The NetCracker solution is 100% Web Based allowing it to be accessed anywhere with an Internet connection. Built according to Sun n tier standards, the ultimate in scalability and designed for ease of integration, the J2EE solution features a number of pre-integrated, but distinct modules each of which is built around the NetCracker OSS Engine.

NetCracker modules

Network Inventory

Auto Design & Assign

Network Inventory and Reconciliation

Outside Plant

Order Management

Telecom Cost Management

NetCracker OSS Engine

*Note: modules may be purchased separately, two or more at a time, or as part of a complete system.


NetCracker has a large range of telecoms and government customers. These include: Swisscom Broadcast, MGTS (Moscow City Telephone Network), TeliaSonera, Bite GSM (TDC), Comstar, MTU Inform, Sprint, the US National Guard and many others.





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