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NetHawk in brief

NetHawk designs and delivers software-based product development and quality improvement solutions to operators and mobile network device manufacturers. As NetHawk products are easy to update and modify, they can be used throughout the life-cycle of mobile networks, from product development to actual operations. NetHawk’s testing tools function on standard laptop computers. This has granted us rapid market growth and a stronger market position. Our goal is to become one of the three biggest suppliers of 3G testing products globally.

NetHawk values being close to its customers. NetHawk’s subsidiaries are located in strategically important countries: Japan, China, France, Germany, Sweden and the United States. The latest NetHawk subsidiary was established in Singapore at the end of 2003. A wide network of resellers is also in place to ensure efficient support for our customers.

NetHawk Product Line

NetHawk’s products help our customers ensure the functionality and quality of GSM, GPRS, EDGE and WCDMA networks and network elements. Our customers use NetHawk products during the entire life-cycle of the mobile network – from product development to the network’s construction, field installation, and the monitoring of its operation. NetHawk’s products are software-based measurement devices used to investigate signalling between the different network elements in mobile networks, and based on this signalling we produce refined information about the operations of the network or network elements.

The victory of the NetHawk product concept continues

Today an increasing number of customers value NetHawk and its products. Particularly the portability and ease use of the products have received praise. NetHawk’s products work on laptops, a feature that has enabled fast growth and a strong position in the market. When installed on a laptop PC, NetHawk provides the most portable measurement device for mobile networks on the market.

NetHawk’s products consist of software, an interface adapter and cables. The Windows-based software guarantees easy updating and adaptability. The use of PC and Windows environment as a foundation for the products also brings about many other benefits, such as the possibility to integrate products with other Windows software and software components. We can utilise the continuous development of PC performance and new features in our products and thus offer continually improving performance, functionality in new applications. NetHawk’s competitive edge is based on the ability to combine strong mobile technology and protocol expertise with competence gathered through good customer relationships to create genuine added-value products that are easy to use. The NetHawk interface adapter and NetHawk software transform a PC into a versatile testing device, which can be expanded according to customer needs.

New features and functionalities guarantee competitiveness

During 2003 we have seen how our software-based product concept gives us a competitive advantage when it comes to the rapid development of new features. In our most important products, 3G and GSM/GPRS/EDGE analysers, we published new features and functionalities that enable a more detailed analysis and error detection of single calls and package data connections. Special emphasis was placed on product usability, e.g. by renewing the graphic user interface.

Ever since the beginning of NetHawk’s product history, our products have supported the protocol standards set by the international standardization organizations, as well as the implementations of significant network manufacturers. During 2003 we expanded support in this area further and today, NetHawk’s products support the implementations and demands of all of the most significant network manufacturers. Most mobile operators have several network suppliers, which is why this concept gives added value to our continually expanding customer base, as well as increases the competitive edge of NetHawk’s products in a competitive market.

In 2003 we also developed our first product intended to measure the quality of 3G network services. From a technical point of view, WCDMA networks are much more complicated than GSM and GPRS networks. The quality of subscriber services is of crucial importance when launching 3G services to consumers. This presents phone manufacturers, network constructors and operators with great technical challenges. Only reliable and extensive testing can ensure first-rate service quality and satisfied end-users. This is where NetHawk’s strength lies.

The use of NetHawk’s simulator products continued and expanded, in testing of base stations and mobile phones during product development, as in the final production testing of base stations. Many universities and educational institutions are also acquiring our 3G simulators for training purposes.

And what may the new year bring

So far the focal point of 3G network testing has been either on the testing of single network elements or measuring small trial networks. Several new 3G networks will be implemented during 2004. The measurement and testing perspective will be on the simultaneous follow-up of several mobile subscribers and calls as well as package data connections, and on the management of larger data amounts and entities. NetHawk’s participation in this project will be extensive.

The HSDPA (High Speed Downlink Packet Access) support for the WCDMA networks will offer significant added value as increasing data speed from networks to mobiles, and it can indeed be seen as the next technological step to bring forth the benefits of WCDMA compared to GSM. Supporting it in our products during 2004 will increase our competitiveness. The measurement and testing functions between the WCDMA and GSM/GPRS networks (handover, various call types and roaming between networks) will become one of the more important areas in the second half of 2004. NetHawk will respond to these challenges with competitive products.

Extensive support for the testing of EDGE networks with NetHawk already exists for all significant network manufacturers’ implementations, and the most network manufacturers use NetHawk GSM/ GPRS/EDGE analysers. During 2004, operators will be expanding their GSM/GPRS networks and the EDGE functionality will already be included in most. This also makes the NetHawk GSM/GPRS/EDGE analyser one of the most versatile products on the market for operators. In China, the TD-SCDMA standard looks set to get some share of the markets in addition to the WCDMA and CDMA2000 standards. Our response to the Chinese markets, among other things, is to support this local standard in our products.

By offering our customers good service and competitive products, NetHawk will surely continue on the path to success in 2004.