Özgün Kablo ve Elektrik Malzemeleri Sanayi ve Ticaret Ltd. Sti.

Company profile

Özgün Kablo and Electrical Materials Industrial and Trade Limited Company is one of the leading companies in telecommunication industry in Turkey. The firm is located in Gebze, Kocaeli (around İSTANBUL) and produces Fiber Optic and Copper Conductor Telecommunication Cables.

Özgün Kablo had produced electrical cables between years of 1980 and 1987. In 1987 company started to produce copper conductor telecommunication cables. In addition to copper cables, Özgün Kablo started to produce Fiber Optic Cables in 1992. Since then, the company presents all kinds of telecommunication cables in the domestic market and exports a big percentage of its production to foreign markets.

In domestic markets, we have worked with Turkish Telecommunication, whereas we have many other domestic clients. In the international markets, we have reached countries in Asia and Africa, so far. We can proudly determine that our references from all the countries, we have worked with, are very encouraging, for we take our business seriously. In order to be able reach other countries, we have participated in many international expositions such as; Caspian Telecoms 2003, Electrotech and Tube&Wire Exposition.

Beside the company's cable production, it can give contractor service for the installment of the products since 1990, but up to now this service could only be available in the domestic market.

We work on project basis and therefore we have completed too many projects since we were founded. Just to give an example; in fiber optic cables, between 1998 and 2003 about 5.500 km were directly delivered and 3.200 km were delivered with the contractor service which make a total of 8.700 km.

Our mission

Özgün Kablo produces Copper and Fiber Optic Telecommunication Cables, according to the predetermined product characteristics, whereas the characteristics can also be decided upon the requirements of customers. In addition to the production of the cables, Özgün Kablo has given contractor service, up to now only in domestic market, for the installment of the products, aerial or underground. Özgün Kablo is assertive with its quality in the domestic and foreign markets, for it follows the developments in technology and its industry up to date and, for it takes quality as a goal, not just as a tool.

Our vision

As being members of Özgün Kablo, in where customer satisfaction is the primary concern, with the principle to maintain our esteem and reliability in the telecommunication industry; we aim to be one of the leading companies of telecommunication industry by increasing our domestic market share in copper conductor cables to 40% and in fiber optic cables to 50%, whereas in foreign markets we aim to reach larger and farther areas of the world, by the help of our working principle which includes the optimization of the three factors; Quality, Price and delivery On Time.

Our quality policy

“We are producing safe products according to the customer needs in desired quality levels. The quality which is a main condition for all our products, is realized by the joining of all our staff. The continuity and development of our Quality Assurance Systems is important for the quality of our products. “

Our environment policy

“Özgün Kablo has aimed to prevent negative effects on environmental and human health, while manufacturing products according to the customer needs in desired quality levels .Our company undertakes the pollution preventation, continuous development and regulations of environment. Özgün Kablo considers optimum use of natural resources, reuse and recycle of solid wastes, treatment of wastewater”.


ÖZGÜN KABLO is located in Gebze – KOCAELI area which is the major industrial site in TURKEY. Gebze Organized Industrial Zone, Automotive Industrial Area, Tuzla Leather Manufacturing Industrial Area and Free Zone are also located in the same area with Özgün Kablo and all the other group companies.

The plant was constructed in single story. At the floor: there are production area, laboratories and offices for technical staff. The management team are separated from the plant but they have their own management building in the complex. There are management offices and rooms for meeting training.


TSI (Turkish Standardization Institute) Certificate of Production proficiency

TSI (Turkish Standardization Institute) Certificate of affiliations to Turkish Standard

TSI – EN – ISO – 9001 Quality System Certificate

TS – EN – ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certificate

TS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certificate

Quality control

Özgün Kablo offers its customers a top quality product and Unsurpassed service.

Controls are set for all incoming raw materials, semi finished and finished goods in

laboratories and production line which are based on internationally accredited organizations.

Marketing and sales

Özgün Kablo has % 30 of domestic market share because Özgün Cable is one of the 13

companies selected to work for Türk Telekom and in 1990’s Özgün cable started exporting to

Pakistan, Yemen, Cyprus and Sudan etc. for their telecommunication needs.