" Pargem provides integrated systems for the corporate customers in the fields of voice, data

and image communications. By forming a synergy with the other companies of the Borusan Technology Group, we aim to make Pargem the number one company in Communication Integration in Turkey. “

Pargem in brief

As Turkey’s first “Communication Integrator”, Pargem Information Systems was founded in 1991. Pargem, a Borusan company, produces integrated solutions with high added value, particularly for voice, data, video communication and digital telephone systems. Owner of ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management Systems Certificate, Pargem’s product range comprises Ericsson AXD series SDH product family, Polycom video conference systems, NetClient thin client systems, Cisco IP Telephony products, wide area voice – data integration network equipments, local area network equipments and network security equipments. Pargem’s Network Management Center, which was put into service in 2002, helps customers to manage their local and wider area networks. For more information you can visit Pargem’s web site at the address of www.

Pargem’s products and services

Telephone systems

Pargem produces comprehensive projects to provide the most efficient, the least problematic and the most economical telephone communication solutions for companies. Apart from developing Alcatel OmniPCX telephone systems, distributed by Borusan Bilişim, Pargem is one of the few partners of Cisco Systems in Turkey with a certificate on IP Telephony. Pargem made first data – voice integration solutions in Turkey and with its countless projects, it was elected as ‘market leader’ in 2001 by the independent research company IBS. Pargem, with its know – how, sets up Corporate Telephone Networks that interconnect all the offices of a company. These networks decrease the cost of communication and increase the efficiency of employees.

On the other hand Pargem develops value added applications with Voxare communication management platform products that maximize advantages of corporate telephone usage. For example, at least 3 (up to 180) users can make phone calls and conferences, from anywhere at anytime through Auditorium. Hermes, the telemarketing solution with its modular structure, answers different demands, from a simple automatic calling system to a mini call center. ProtoCall call and message management system can answer every incoming call, thereby managing intense communication needs of companies and with its advanced voice mail skills increases customer satisfaction and business productivity. With the Voxare Communication Management platform, tailor made call center applications for special needs of companies can be developed.

Video conference

Today the companies that want to make better use of time and to accelerate their decision - making procedures use visual communication technology. With the help of the video conference systems that Pargem sets up using world leader Polycom’s products, companies can redesign their organizations and work procedures to increase productivity. The investment pays off in less than one year with the savings from business trip expenditures.

Local Area networks

The companies that aim to reach the information easier and faster, to take the right decision quickly and to give better services to their customers, need to have an excellent local area network. Pargem stands by you with the fast and reliable local area network solutions, designed for your particular needs. For this purpose, Pargem uses the Alcatel OmniSwitch products, distributed by Borusan Bilişim.

Consultancy and support services

Pargem gives pre-sales consulting services to companies and facilitates to find optimal solutions for their structures. For example, with Dr. Voice services Pargem analyses telephone usage characteristics of the companies that want to set up a system to reduce their telephone costs and designs systems with the highest possible level of savings.

Pargem provides many services to solve problems that can occur in established systems and to increase the efficiency to the highest point. These services, which were developed with Network Management Center (unique in its field in Turkey), can identify the problem as soon as it occurs, determine the cause and solve it. While the Netsupport provides full security for wide area networks, the Visual Support maximizes the benefits of video conference systems. The Vocal Support enables them to make use of management and support services for Voxare platform products.

Other services

In addition to the above-mentioned services, Pargem also provides other services for the communication needs of companies. For instance, in today’s world where almost all communications go through Internet, Pargem provides Internet Security solutions for its customers. With the network infra structure becoming more secure, Pargem’s AS-400 PC Integration solutions serves well to the companies that centralized their information processing systems. These solutions enable the users in external offices to reach the systems at the central office. Companies that want to get rid of problems originating from computers and to minimize upgrading expenses prefer NetClient thin client products.