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RAD Data Communications: Transitioning technologies for legacy and next generation networks

The transitional nature of today’s networks poses significant challenges for communications users and service providers. On the one hand, there is the need to preserve investment in legacy equipment and continue to support legacy services. On the other hand, demand is growing for improved access network infrastructure and new services to carry broadband traffic.

Established in 1981, privately held RAD Data Communications is well-positioned to assist both enterprise users and carriers to successfully navigate the gradual transition from legacy access networks and services to next generation infrastructure and services. As an internationally recognized leading manufacturer of network access equipment for data communications and telecommunications applications, RAD offers an impressive array of access product solutions to serve the technological and business requirements of service providers, carriers and enterprises. RAD solutions reduce their infrastructure and operational costs while boosting competitiveness and profitability – even as they begin to migrate to future network architectural models.

Using RAD products, carriers and enterprises can upgrade to simple, cost-effective packet-switched networks, yet continue to support legacy TDM services their end users have come to expect. Conversely, carriers and enterprises can reap the benefits of LAN and other next-generation applications and services without incurring the cost of replacing existing backbone technologies if these continue to be viable or are not fully written off.

RAD’s multidisciplinary approach promotes the development of products for transitioning technologies. Acceptance of next generation networks is growing, and this introduces the need for seamless migration between different network generations.

Just under thirty percent of company employees are involved in Research and Development. By continuously gauging the pulse of the communications marketplace, we are able to pioneer unique and innovative technologies such as TDM over IP (TDMoIP®), Resilient Fast Ethernet Ring (RFER), Fiber DSL (FDSL) and Compressed Voice System (CVS), which meet our customers’ needs for cheaper, simpler and more effective communications. Our development flexibility also enables us to customize product design to serve niche markets and OEM requirements.

RAD prides itself on producing high quality products. RAD earned ISO 9001 certification for its research and development and manufacturing facilities in 1996. And in 2001, RAD was awarded ISO 14001 for waste reduction and the prevention of pollution.

Total commitment to the customer is emphasized through RAD’s extensive service and support activities, conducted through a unique combination of sales and technology partners in over 100 countries on six continents, regional service offices and a central support staff at company headquarters.

Partners are the first tier of RAD’s customer support program. Their professional knowledge makes them an appropriate address for customer service issues. The partner in each locality serves as the immediate point of contact for all inquiries about installing, configuring and operating RAD products. A specialized team of pre-sales and post-sales staff is available to provide support for key accounts.


RAD incorporates a broad range of technologies under one roof: ATM; IP/Ethernet; Frame Relay; TDMoIP®; E1/T1; E3/T3; broadband transmission; fiber optics; voice compression; rate, interface and protocol conversion; routing; ASIC; and integrated management. The company’s product portfolio spans multiple technologies across a broad product base. New products and technologies consider the business realities and user requirements, and are therefore designed to preserve customers’ investments in their existing equipment and networks.

Multiservice Access Platform (MAP™) deploys specialized multiservice access equipment at the customer premises, Local Loop or at the carrier's POP (point-of-presence, or local access node). MAP bundles multiple services (analog and digital voice, fax, high and low speed data, Frame Relay, IP and ISDN) on the same platform over TDM, Frame Relay or IP networks. Support for channelized services, such as LAN-to-LAN connectivity, saves the cost of a channelized router.

A complete range of standalone xDSL, fiber optic and baseband modems are available, as well as a central site SNMP-managed modem rack, providing integrated solutions over copper and fiber up to E3/T3 data rates. Built-in IP routers and Ethernet bridges support LAN-to-LAN extension applications.

ATM backbones are deployed in many carrier networks, for provisioning of multiple broadband services. RAD offers a wide range of access devices that provide intelligent demarcation between carrier and customer networks, expand carriers' ATM-based multiservice offerings to the customer premises and ensure end-to-end Quality of Service.

RAD enables service providers to offer voice, LAN and data services to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) over a single DSL access line, using SHDSL, HDSL, IDSL, ADSL and MSDSL technologies. RAD products that support xDSL technologies include the Link Access™ line of integrated access devices (IADs), Megaplex™ multiplexers and DXC™ multiservice access nodes.

RAD's TDMoIP® products ensure smooth migration to the future with transparent E1/T1 or E3/T3 connectivity over new, high performance IP/Ethernet networks. The devices transparently convert E1 or T1 circuits to IP packets for transmission over Gigabit Ethernet-based backbones. RAD has integrated high performance IP routing and Ethernet into many of its products, facilitating LAN-to-LAN extension over different types of WANs.

RAD offers compressed voice solutions over multiple platforms. RAD's Compressed Voice System (CVS™) enables carriers and alternative service providers to offer high quality voice services for a small initial investment while lowering operating costs, enabling a complete return on investment in 1–6 months.

Spurred by the growth of LAN-to-LAN applications and Internet access, Ethernet technology has migrated from the LAN to the MAN and WAN. RAD products provide LAN extension and IP routing, as well as offering cost-effective delivery of legacy services over Ethernet, and Ethernet over SDH and ATM networks.

RAD’s diverse Frame Relay access devices are used to construct high performance private networks or efficient extensions of public networks. They deliver voice, LAN, legacy data and multiprotocol traffic, including low speed data, over packetized links.

RAD offers integrated, interoperable network management solutions that adhere to international standards. The RADview™ system allows network managers to monitor and control both telecom and corporate networks from a central management platform.

Worldwide customer base

In an era when even local applications can quickly become international, it is essential to choose a vendor with truly international capabilities. With a sales and service network of distributors and value-added resellers in over 100 countries, and 19 international sales offices in countries around the globe, RAD is in an ideal position to offer worldwide installation and management for even the most complex projects. The company’s international service program, which offers a single point of contact for project administration, can assist carriers and corporations in designing and implementing a system that meets their needs.

RAD’s customers include organizations in industry, finance, the military, transportation, education, commerce, public utilities and telecommunications. The company also works closely with leading carriers and service providers to supply system solutions and expertise for building public and private access networks for virtually any technology, over any infrastructure.

Our customer testimonials attest to the simplicity, flexibility and cost-effectiveness of our solutions for delivering multiple services over mixed environments. They also highlight the responsiveness of RAD to their specific networking requirements.