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Address: Fahrettin Kerim Gokay Cad. Denizciler Is Merkezi No:14 A Blok Kat:1 Altunizade Uskudar 34662 Istanbul Turkey

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Company profile

Say Kom is a Turkish Company which is founded in 2000, to serve satellite based telecommunication services. In the first year of foundation, Say Kom became one of the three companies which had opportunity of possessing TDSP (Turksat Digital Satellite Platform) license that gives authorization to provide digital services using Turksat satellites.

Say Kom is the architect of the biggest complete one stop shop satellite WAN Project (75 locations) ever realized in Turkey.

After Turkish Telecommunications Authority rearranged telecommunication rules and regulations in the year 2002, Say Kom possessed 25 years valid “2. Type Telecommunication License” that gives the authorization to provide satellite services in Turkey.

Since Say Kom has been founded, he brings turnkey telecommunication services to Turkic countries (i.e. Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan) effectively. Besides, during the reconstruction period of Afghanistan, Say Kom is the first Turkish company who serves satellite based telecommunication services i.e.voice, data.

Say Kom has been working as sales, maintenance, and service partner of ND Satcom AG since May 2003.

Say Kom is offering telecommunication services for transmitting and receiving digital data, voice and video images via satellite, which will increase efficiency and profitability of corporate users.


Corporate network

All kinds of data, closed circuit telephone and fax services are provided with the corporate network product. Uninterrupted service is provided to wide geographical regions since the satellite communication infrastructure can be easily set up in regions geographically different from each other.

The Corporate Network product has many advantages in comparison to other satellite technologies and products. Some of them can be summarized as follows;

A structure comprising of only satellite links without a hub and without any terrestrial connection.

Mesh, star or hybrid connection type in accordance with the network structure of the customer.

The opportunity of direct communication between points without a double-hop and low delay period by means of the mesh structure support. This feature provides full performance for the real time applications sensitive to delays (telephone, video etc.)

Automatic adjustment of the bandwidth by the system in the rate required by the system by means of the BOD (Bandwidth on Demand) feature. The connection speeds between points can be defined as static or dynamic, hence flexibility in the upload / download speeds can be established.

Video conference

High quality transmission of real time image and voice between two or more points through the satellite is achieved with the Video Conference product. Hence, even if people are at different locations, they can conduct a meeting together as if they were in the same place, they can share their presentations and opinions with image and sound.

The product used by Say Kom for videoconference is optimized for transmitting image and voice transfer and provides full performance for real time applications.

Tele medicine

Tele medicine can be defined as the effective use of telecommunication and information technologies to attain clinical attention, training of personnel in the health industry, health training for clients, public health, administrative service and sharing information.

The transmission of electronic medical information (diagrams with high resolution, sounds, live video and patient records) from one region to another region through the satellite is achieved by the Say Kom’s tele medicine product.

Tele education

Modern and technological training tools are used for to conduct trainings with better quality. Using tele-education product, the teacher and the student can communicate with each other simultaneously or different times via satellite even if they are geographically separated. Tele education is a product preferred by schools, companies providing vendor trainings, universities and other training institutions.

Vehicle tracking systems

Using Inmarsat C mobile terminals, all fleet organizations can be controlled and tracked via satellite. Say Kom vehicle tracking system uses Inmarsat C terminals, which consist of GPS receiver, and satellite receiver/transmitter components. All information about the location of the vehicles, information about the condition of the vehicle (amount of fuel, speed etc.) defined to the system can be observed by the control and administration system set-up in the main office of the customer. Especially transportation companies and import-export companies having a vehicle fleet benefit form this product.

Mobil telecommunication terminals

Say Kom produces mobile telecommunication terminals that meets the mobile communication needs of the corporations with mobile bank branches and live broadcast vehicle in the lead.

With the mobile bank branch, banks are able to provide services to their customers outside the branches. All basic communication and banking infrastructure that need to be in a branch is present inside the mobile bank branch. Say Kom produces all these products named as mobile telecommunication terminals by itself from the stage of design until service.


It is possible to establish communication point to point or point to multipoint with SCPC (Single Channel per Carrier) by establishing data connection via satellite.

A SCPC modem is located at each location in order to receive and transmit data via satellite. The system operating transparently can be operated with modem units of minimum 64 Kbps speed and can reach 8 Mbit or more based on the configuration of the modem.


Turnkey network solutions

On the basis of the analysis of demand and requirements, Say Kom serves turnkey network solutions to customers. The main characteristic of this service is to integrate the satellite system into existing network with ease.

Network and system design

Say Kom tailors an optimal network and system design in close cooperation with the customers and integrates the satellite system into existing network.

Project management

From the first stage of projects, Say Kom provides consultancy service to companies in product selection, planning and implementation.

Provider of operational licences

On behalf of the customer, Say Kom applies for the necessary operational licenses for using satellite capacities at the institutions in charge. This service is free of charge for the customer.

Installation and activation

Say Kom maintains, installs and activates all equipment in order to bring solutions for the customers with technical specialists.

7/24 network management & monitoring

The operation of all satellite terminals is monitored and controlled, 24 hours every day by Say Kom Network Operation Center located in Istanbul, Turkey.

Company vision

Our company philosophy has always focused on customer satisfaction with uncompromising integrity. Say Kom carries products and services with the finest value and quality in the market. To meet our customers’ expectations, we ensure that our sales people and customer service representatives generate enthusiasm and respond with extra efforts in addressing our customers' needs.

Partnership and collaboration are two words that figure highly in our pitches to customers. Say Kom staff appreciate that many customers have difficulty formulating how best to integrate their business onto the satellite. This is a great concern to many people and we work hard at achieving high quality, cost effective, bespoke solutions that exceed customer expectations.

Supplies to the region

Say Kom offers turnkey, uninterrupted, high quality satellite based telecommunication services to Turkey and Caspian Region.