TeliaSonera International Carrier

Contact: Mr. Jaromir Kalinski

Commercial Director CIS

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TeliaSonera International Carrier is a global wholesale supplier of network services to the communications industry. Based on our wholly-owned networks, we offer an extensive product portfolio of IP, capacity and voice services. We are part of the TeliaSonera Group - the leading communications group in the Nordic and Baltic regions.

A service company bringing simplicity to the communications industry

We recognize that our company values must correspond directly to customer benefits. Naturally, network coverage and reliability are important issues, but it's our core values that differentiate us most from our competitors.

Using knowledge to create value

We are proud to play a major role in the development and research within Europe's most advanced IT and telecoms business arena. Using our knowledge we go beyond just providing reliable network services. By focusing on customer needs our solutions and business principles have been developed with simplicity in mind, bringing genuine value to businesses that compete at the highest level.

The drive to innovate

Quality is a way of life in our native Nordic countries. It comes naturally with everything we do, and our business is no exception. With quality comes competence, and the flexibility and creativity to find the solution that suits you. We have the confidence and determination to approach each new challenge with the view that we will make it happen.

At your service

We understand that our success depends on your success. This is why we are fully committed to every last detail from the services we provide to the relationships with our customers. By building trust and showing understanding, our ambition is that our partners see us as an exceptional service-minded company.

A strategy for the future

Continue to run and strengthen our IP network, and maintain and operate its peering points and relationships in Europe and in the US.

The international voice business will be focused to interconnect agreements and bilateral routes.

Promote our extensive reach in Eastern Europe and continue to develop our customer base there.

Upgrade and develop our networks, including the introduction of metro rings in key European cities and in New York.

Realistic goals

One of our goals is to become a major European carrier in the wholesale segment, measured in terms of profitability, revenue and network footprint. We also aim to be Europe’s leading carrier of choice - a goal we have every confidence in reaching.

Our customers

Our customers are fixed and mobile operators, carriers and service providers. They operate on global, regional or local markets. They provide IP, voice and high bandwidth data traffic to end-users.

Although we do not compete with our customers for end-user business - we are a wholesale supplier - we do have insight into our customers' businesses. Our mother company provides voice, mobile and internet services to end-users in our home markets - one of the most advanced in the world. Being part of such an organization has taught us which demands end-users have on our customers as suppliers.

Why do customers choose TeliaSonera International Carrier to provide them with network solutions? We have identified three key reasons:

high quality and competitive prices

financially stable owner

excellent network coverage

Service providers

Based on our wholly-owned IP backbone, we offer a range of quality IP connectivity solutions. All our products and services were developed specifically for the wholesale market, and allow for seamless integration with our customers own networks, services and equipment.

Products and services for service providers:

TeliaSonera IP Transit provides IP connectivity for service providers that already own and manage their own IP addresses and AS number. For service providers not owning an AS number or IP addresses TeliaSonera IP Connect is a suitable alternative.

Utilizing Ethernet technology (layer 2 MPLS), TeliaSonera L2Connect provides point-to-point or point-to-multipoint connectivity.

TeliaSonera IP Connect is a suitable alternative.

From data-centres located at core nodes on our IP backbone, we offer direct and fully-redundant IP connectivity for companies providing content and services on the internet via TeliaSonera IP Server Colocation.

Value-added services complementing our IP portfolio include multicast, and Primary and Secondary DNS services.

Mobile operators

As the mobile market evolves your voice minutes will continue to contribute to important revenues. By assuring your customers high-quality, cost-effective international termination and guaranteed CLI transmission you will benefit from further customer loyalty. Adding a whole range of internet services with unrivalled reliability and reach, will truly differentiate you from your competitors. And by offering a secure international GPRS data-roaming solution, your customers wouldn't need to look anywhere else for anything.

Products and services for mobile operators:

TeliaSonera Wholesale Voice

TeliaSonera Premium Voice

TeliaSonera GRX IP

TeliaSonera IP Transit

TeliaSonera IP Connect

TeliaSonera IP Server Co-location


As the market for voice and network services continues to grow, operators need to meet increasing customer demands for quality calls and complementary services. At TeliaSonera International carrier we offer operators a range of quality services, from international termination to customized bandwidth solutions to IP connectivity.

Voice services

Being owned by former incumbents in the Nordics gives us considerable insight at a retail level on the telephony market - we understand your needs as an operator. Our international termination solution includes over 100 direct routes with guaranteed CLI transfer.

Capacity and IP solutions

Based on our wholly-owned international networks, we developed a complete range of capacity and IP connectivity solutions that are cost-effective, flexible and reliable.