Tesas Telekom ve Endustriyel Sistemler A.S.

Contact: Mr. Alper Burak

Address: Yildiz Cd. N:49 3/7 34353 Besiktas Istanbul Turkey

Phone: +90 212 25912 96

Fax: +90 212 259 58 36

E-mail : sales@tesas.com

Web: www.tesas.com

Tesaş Telecom & Industrial Systems

Tesaş has been established in 1988 to devise and implement special projects in telecommunications industry.

In 2001, Tesaş became the Exclusive Distributor of Quintum Inc. for Turkey who is one of the market leading VoIP Gateway manufacturers. In 2003,Tesaş became one of the master distributors of Quintum Inc for all Middle East region, Eurasia and South Africa with its successful value added turnkey VoIP projects.

Tesas successfully launched resellers in Nigeria, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq and Armenia sharing its expertise and know how with them in the VoIP industry. The company is supplying the whole range of Quintum VoIP products to its resellers and empowering them with value-added services such as VoIP line extension over satellite, forced VoIP conference, Intelligent Quintum WAN VoIP, Quintum Calling Card,Quintum Call Shop, Quintum VoIP Termination and all other VoIP based telecommunications solutions.

Quýntum product range

Analog gateways

From 2 port soho gateways to 24 port FXS&FXO large scale analog units.

Digital gateways

From 8 port digital to 4E1 in one chassis and 32E1 in one chassis carrier grade gateways.

Session border controllers and routing servers

From 16 to 672 simultaneous call, session controllers.

Routing server capable of QoS based routing, least cost routing, source based routing.

Tesas value added VoIP solutions

Currently Tesaş Telekom mainly offers its target markets, data-voice convergence products. Tesaş Telekom works on a channel basis over resellers to reach and satisfy target markets such as enterprise and service provider markets.

Turnkey calling card platform with quintum

For start-up ITSPs and large ITSPs at any range of ports between 8 and 960, turnkey calling card platforms including billing and carrier connections.

Turnkey VoIP termination platform with quintum

Analog or digital based, condensed or distributed VoIP termination platforms including billing and carrier connections.

Turnkey callShop platform with quintum

Analog based, from 2 to 24 ports Call Shop Platforms including Billing and Carrier Connections.

VoIP line extension over satellite

Extension of PSTN lines to any location using satellite and Quintum VoIP.

Intelligent quintum WAN VoIP

Intercompany VoIP merged with international VoIP via Quintum Call Relay (Session Border Controller).

Other business lines


CPG(Customer Premises Gateway) Infrastructure

Calling Card (Hosted and Fixed)

Call Shop

Wholesale VoIP Termination

Carrier connection

Minute Providence

Minute Exchange

Video conferencing solutions

Polycom (Business Meeting)

Motion-Media (Business Personal)

Vialta (Consumer-Over PSTN)

Voice recording solutions

ASC (Enterprise High Capacity)

Vidicode (Enterprise Low Capacity)

Eurasia market and Tesaş Telecom

Tesaş Telekom already launched resellers in Armenia, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan and Nigeria. However, the company is widening its scope and region to Eurasia due to the economic growth and emerging telecommunications market in the region especially Kazakhstan, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan including Syria, Jordan and Lebanon.

As one of the master distributors of Quintum Inc VoIP gateway manufacturer, Tesaş wants to build up new channels in Eurasia countries and penetrate into the market with its VoIP products and total solutions.

What does Tesaş Telecom offer

Tesaş Telecom is looking for partners who will be responsible for distribution of Quintum VoIP gateways. Tesaş Telecom offers to share its deep telecommunications expertise with partners for a fast start up and market penetration.