Contact: Ms. Tatyana Ivanova

Marketing&Communications Deputy Manager

Address: Ul Moiseenko 43

193144 St Petersburg Russia

Phone/Fax: +7 812 327 32 33



Bercut company ( specializes in the development and manufacturing of convergent solutions for information and other services on mobile and fixed communication networks, service providers and information agencies.

Founded in 1995, Bercut is 100% Russian company with a successful history, a stable present and great perspectives. Bercut today is a dynamically growing company, employing over 300 top-class specialists and working in close cooperation with the world’s leading hardware and software vendors, such as Alcatel, Nokia, ORGA and Huawei. Being an official member of GSM, CDMA, TDMA/AMPS mobile communication associations the company designs and implements innovative solutions in accordance with cellular market development trends.

Bercut’s quality, development, manufacture and support management systems are certified in accordance with international ISO 9001:2000 standard.

Over 18,5 million GSM subscribers are serviced by the company’s products today.

Bercut develops three main product lines

Multiservice Network, Messaging Network, Customer Care & CRM.

The company mission is “Russian INtelligent solution for the telco market”, which means that the main areas of its work are: innovative research, development and implementation of high-tech products at telco companies.

One of the most vivid examples of the company’s mission is Multiservice Intelligent Network Platform that allows to implement a wide range of extra services: IN@VPN--Virtual Personal Network, IN@Flexible Routing, IN@Call Collect, IN@Branch Roaming Gateway, IN@Black List. Especially popular is IN@Voice Advanced PrePaid & Customer Care Platform—an intelligent platform of prepaid and customer service. Compliant with Advanced Prepaid technology, the platform provides prepaid and postpaid services for all types of subscribers. It also allows to pre-rate all value-added services (VAS) based on SMS, USSD, GPRS etc.

The messaging network products provide the operator with a various tools for implementing non-voice services. mnSMS centre allows mobile subscribers to communicate with various networks: E-mail, Paging, World Wide Web, commercial informational networks, etc. mnSMS Centre is a modern solution for servicing subscribers in networks of any size.

mnWelcome/BonVoyaje SMS Centre is aimed at sending short messages to visiting subscribers when in roaming or when home network subscribers are in roaming outside the home network.

mnMMS Centre is a centre for multimedia messages and it implements modern services that will be typical of 3G networks.

mnUSSD Centre is a system for high-speed two-way information exchange system between subscribers and operator’s services, delivers news and other useful information by subscription and on one-time basis. The dialogue may be initiated both by the subscriber and by the operator.

mnCB—the Cell Broadcast Centre sends information to multiple subscribers at a time. The subscriber groups may be formed in various ways and include one cell only or several cells or the whole operator’s network.

Introducing SPACE—Content Traffic Control Centre—eases implementation of new operator projects that are connected with information services provision and employs the features of SMS_ and USSD_ systems that were not used before, also allowing content providers to participate more actively in value added services provision.

JUST—our mobile browsing system ensures quick subscriber access to the network information services regardless of the subscriber’s handset. The product, developed together with ORGA, has become a fine example of Bercut’s constant cooperation and interchange of experience with its partners.

The customer care & CRM product line includes the systems designed to make operator’s network usage more comfortable. CaReM service platform is a basis for creating various subscriber services. On the basis of the platform we have developed caremSelf Care—an advanced Customer Self Care system, caremVirtual Number—call redirection service, caremM-Banking—mobile banking system.

CliQ Call Centre for Integrated Customer Service greatly unloads customer support departments by handling subscriber inquiries automatically.

This product line also includes Voice Mail System, Paid Card system, Unified Messaging System.

Reliability, scalability and functionality of Bercut products has been proved by numerous contracts, including frame agreements with such telecom operators as “MegaFon”, “Vympelkom” (NYSE: «VIP»), “Mobile TeleSystems” (NYSE: «MBT»),, “Tele2” (Russia, Norway NYSE: «TLTOA», «TLTOB»), Kall Telecom (Denmark), “SMARTS”, “Kyivstar” (Ukraine), “Bitel” (Kirgizstan) and many others. The company has a rich experience in products installation and their integration with service and switching systems by all major vendors.

Bercut conducts research and development works in voice technologies, creates unique speech synthesis and recognition solutions that are used for text messages transfer, in referral services and Unified Messaging products.