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With more than 1800 employees and 45 products Cboss Association is an innovation-driven international telecom software vendor. Cboss main products are Convergent pre- and post-paid Billing and Customer Care, Intelligent Services, Analytical Systems, Internet Solutions, and more. Founded in 1996, Cboss implemented 737 installations for telecom operators, servicing in sum 38M subscribers in 18 countries on four continents, and takes pride in having 140 customers around the globe.

Cboss strategy is based on the idea of generating premium-quality, integrated "turn key" solutions. Cboss preeminent positioning as a system integrator is founded upon business alliances with internationally renowned firms - Hewlett-Packard, Oracle, Hitachi Data Systems, Sun Microsystems, Excel Switching, Intel, Brooktrout Technology, Avaya Communications, Microsoft, Xerox and others.

Unique suite of Cboss products provides total automation of telecom operator business processes, offering end-user a wide range of value-added services.

High compatibility of solutions makes them a perfect choice for creating a complete IT infrastructure of a startup operator as well as for growing functionality of an established operator who has already deployed a number of third-party systems.

Industrial approach to R&D and implementation yields unbeatable functionality/cost ratio while configuration options and adaptability of Cboss solutions allow to meet individual demands of every customer.

Core products – Convergent Business operation Support system Cboss and on-line prepaid billing cbossrtb

Cboss is a set of packaged software/hardware solutions for the automation of telecom enterprise, operating in any standard. Cboss provides:

flexible tariff system;

full cycle of customer care;

billing and «hot» call rating;

settlement with subscribers, automated financial control;

inventory control, POS;

source data for performing accounting tasks;

support of interaction with roaming partners, service providers and dealers;

aggregated and itemized information covering all aspects of enterprise performance through a comprehensive report system;

mediation device.

Cbossrtb – IN-platform based prepaid services system, providing:

support of various telecom standards;

initialization and account management;

innovative rating alternatives;

real time transactions, including CAMEL-based roaming support;

control over utilization of telecom services and rating in real time;

solution of “last minute fraud” problem;

voice, data and messaging services;

support of content services (event-based).

Enterprise management information system

CBOSSmis – Enterprise management information system provides automation to core administration functions, including personnel management.

Products, delivering intelligent services

CBOSSacc – IVR, automates Customer Care activities.

CBOSSvmail – voicemail/fax system.

CBOSSmissedCall – missed calls notification.

CBOSSssc – supplementary switching center.

CBOSScallback –call back order module.

CBOSSacd – automatic call distribution.

CBOSSstc – service telephone card system.

CBOSSvote – voting system.

CBOSSabd – abbreviated dialing system.

CBOSSwelcomeRoamer – information for roamers.

CBOSSsms2voice – SMS to voice conversion module.

CBOSScallScreening – incoming call screening module.

CBOSSsplitCharging – collection call module.

CBOSSvpn – virtual private network system for creating a corporate telephone network comprising of cellular and fixed-line phones.

CBOSSsms2fax – SMS to fax conversion module.

CBOSSemail2sms – email to SMS gateway.

CBOSSicq2sms – ICQ2SMS translator.

CBOSSchat – IM solution for mobile subscribers.

IP-platform CBOSSip – convergent platform for providing various IP-services, including Dial-up, Leased lines, Telematic services, VoIP.

Global messaging systems

CBOSSsms – high performance SMS center, supporting point-to-point and push-&-pull services.

CBOSSwirelineSMS – wireline SMSC.

CBOSSsmsRouter – SMS router.

CBOSSmms – multimedia message center.

CBOSSussd – USSD gateway.

Internet systems

CBOSSportal – VAS portal. Provides a single platform for delivery various Internet services.

CBOSSskc – knowledge base, Internet based multiple-format content management tool.

CBOSSstat – statistics collection system.

CBOSSics – Internet customer service.

CBOSSisp – remote dealer Internet system

CBOSSishop – Internet shop.

Telecommunication network management

Cbosstmn – distributed, multi-user telecom network management system, built around TMN.

Data mining and analysis

Cbossdss – OLAP-based Decision Support System. Provides a feature-rich instrument for analytical and marketing research.

Cbosste - Traffic Engineering Analysis. Cbosste is an OLAP based solution designed to collect and analyze statistical measures of network equipment performance.

Creation of conceptually integral product featuring outstanding functionality and a promising evolution potential is our priority. We place special emphasis on serializable solutions that meet requirements of most customers. Cboss software designers and developers strive to provide more functionality in the products, increase their reliability, usability, scalability and overall performance. Automation of development processes make coding faster and guaranty 100% module compatibility.

Technical facilities that underlie software development in the Association are the matter of special pride. Indeed, Cboss features a datacenter that is the largest one among software developers of Eastern Europe. The three server rooms have almost twenty high-performance RISC servers from Hewlett-Packard and Sun Microsystems, including SunFire 4810 and SunFire 6800 servers, tape library StorEdge L180, reliable Hitachi disk arrays 9500V. Five full-redundancy switches from Excel Switching, 18 servers equipped with voice resources cards from Intel and Brooktrout and measurement equipment from NetTest are the heart of the VAS development complex.