Mayıs 2009 Sayı: 164

‘Mobile Broadband’ is the rising star of Caspian Region

The big community of the CT and IT industry in Turkey and the Caspian region came together with the Caspian Telecoms Conference & Showcase 2009.
The Caspian & Black Sea Telecoms Conference & Exhibition is an important event for the telecoms industry in Turkey, the Black Sea States and their neighboring Caspian and Central Asian regions. The event has grown steadily over 8 years and has now become an essential meeting point for many professionals in the telecoms industry.
Turkey’s geo-political position makes it a natural communications bridge between Asia and Europe. Across the region, the telecommunications industry continues to experience a process of de-monopolization and privatization. Telecommunication coverage is expanding and networks are being upgraded and digitalized. Satellite and mobile operations are also developing whilst Internet usage is growing as Turkey’s telecom market prepares for EU accession.

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